Chances at Wesleyan early decision?

<p>Sadly, I've posted before on the old boards, last year. I even posted on the Wesleyan individual school board. I screwed up my grades last year, and so now I'm obsessing over my chances at schools, so I just had to post again. It's really a bad habit :P</p>

<p>My stats:</p>

<p>Caucasian female from New Jersey public school.</p>

<p>3.91 weighted GPA, 3.4 weighted GPA. Top 13% of class.</p>

<p>(No upward trend - I did much better my freshman and sophomore years than junior year. I have something of an excuse that my mother had a tumor in her kidney and wound up having to get her kidney removed, at the same time my grandpa was in intensive care, but this really isn't an excuse. Basically, I slacked off.)</p>

<p>800 SATI M
790 SATI V
790 SATII BioM, freshman year
770 SATII Writing
760 SATII Math IIC
760 SATII US History</p>

<p>5 on AP biology exam, 5 on AP US history exam, though I got B- in each class overall :&lt;/p>


<p>Clubs of which I am an officer:
Animal Alliance: Member (9), Co-President (10,11,12)
Environmental Club: Member (9,10), Co-President (11,12)
Amnesty International: Co-founder and Vice President (11,12)
The Lance, newspaper: News co-editor (11), Editor-in-chief (12)
Inner Voices, literary magazine: Member (10), Board of Editors (11, 12)</p>

<p>Other activities:
REBEL (anti-smoking organization outside of school): Member (9,10,11,12)
The Friendship Circle (visit autistic girl): (11,12)
Gay-Straight Alliance: Member (10,11,12)
Soup kitchen: less than once a month, since fifth grade</p>

<p>Other honors:
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
NJML (top 6 students in grade 10)
participation in various Iron Hills math competitions
Scored high enough on the AMC to qualify for the AIME (11)
Joseph W. Andrushkiw Mathematics Competition (10,11)</p>

<p>Other info:
My essay is on the creative side... I've gotten pretty positive feedback. It's not going to make the admissions officers cry or laugh hysterically, but it's reasonably good, unique, and captures me.</p>

<p>In my recommendations, my math teacher will speak as to how good I am in math (he thinks I'm really smart... go figure :P) and my English teacher will talk about my intellectual curiosity and strange obsession with Nietzsche.</p>

<p>I know I have a shot, and that I'm not an automatic reject. But does anyone have any percentage chance estimates?</p>

<p>in - 70%~90%</p>

<p>You have a very good chance of acceptance, but I will say that Wesleyan is getting tired of its stereotype and is seeking LESS of the "gay-straight alliance" type - or at least that is what my interviewer told me</p>

<p>Yeah... Since I'm not an officer of the GSA, I might not even mention it...</p>

<p>But not just the GSA - I know what you mean about them not wanting activist people. My blessing and curse alike for Wesleyans admissions is that I am such a stereotypical Wesleyan student. But I love the school so much... I'd be devastated if I didn't get in.</p>

<p>I might try to play up the fact that I'm a girl interested in science... because it seems like Wesleyan wants people interested in scientific research, and I definitely am. If I could play that up instead of that I'm an activist... but I feel so bad "playing" the college admissions game like that.</p>

<p>My major is probably going to be neuroscience and behavior... I'm really fascinated by cognitive science ^_^</p>

<p>(If you hadn't noticed, this is a not-so-subtly-disguised bump. :P )</p>