Chances at Wharton ED?

I am a senior in high school applying this November 2015. I have been dreaming about Penn since my freshman year of high school and have visited the campus twice. I know that the atmosphere fits what I am looking for but I am extremely worried that my academics are not up to par to have a decent shot. Please give me your best advice and criticism!!

Current GPA: 90.22u—94.07w (I don’t know what this equals on the 4.0 scale)
Demographics: Female, South Asian, US Citizen, from New York. I attend a public high school that is ranked medium-high

I have taken an ACT and got a composite of 30. I will be taking my second and final ACT soon and am aiming for a 33+

I am also going to take the Math 2 subject test since it is recommended however I was thinking I will only take one rather than math2 and another subject. Will this hurt my chances? Should I just study hard enough to get a good grade on another and submit 2 subject tests? On the Penn site it says they don’t require them and it won’t put me to a disadvantage…your thoughts?

9th Grade:
H English: B+
H Geometry: B+
H World History: A
H Italian: B+
R Biology: A
Business Law: A

10th Grade:
H English: A
H Alg2/Trig: A
AP Euro History: B
H Italian: B+
R Chemistry: B+
Finance: A

11th Grade:
AP Language & Composition (English): A
H Pre-Calculus: B+
AP US History: B+
H Italian: A+
AP Physics 1&2: C+ (ouch I know)

12th Grade: Courses I am currently taking
AP Literature
AP Calculus AB
AP Economics (Micro&Macro)
AP Italian
AP Biology
College Business Law II

Another ouch factor: I really do not plan on sending my AP test scores because all of them are so poor. I know they’ll see my final grade but I will most likely opt out of showing them the scores.

Extra Curricular Activities:

JV Tennis (9th) //Varsity Tennis (10-12)
Captain of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team (12)
VP of Italian Club
VP of Italian Honor Society
VP of DECA (business club)

Member of National Honor Society
Member of Italian Honor Society
Applying to Business Honor Society soon
Orchestra 9-12: Nyssma Levels 3-6 (6 is the highest level to achieve)
2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Doe
Internship for a local political campaign (12)
Involved in an all-girls charity group. Started a project that helped collect school supplies for local schools. Raised over 200$ in supplies.

For Tennis: All Division (10),
All League(11),
shooting for All County this year (my senior year).
(2x) NYSSPHA Scholar Athlete Award 2014, 2015
2x Regional Winner (for DECA- 9,10)

Hook: this summer I started a charity project over the summer. The goal is 10k but that is just for formality. So far I have collected 1,000$ and all of this goes to building schools in South Gujarat, India. The part that ties this into Wharton is regarding mergers and joint ventures. So far the donations have been from friends and other connections. However, I am trying to reach out to corporations to get that joint venture/merger aspect into it. Any advice?

**I know my only only slightest bit of chance at Wharton is through ED and I was initially sure I was going to to that. But now since I sit down and realize how slim my chances are, I am considering ED-ing another school (after thorough inspection to see if I like the school). Other possibilities: Michigan’s Ross School of Business, NYU-Stern, Cornell (Dyson School of Economics). Any other recommendations? Should I ED Wharton?


Not trying to be a jerk or something, but I think much stronger candidates are routinely rejected by schools like Penn, early decision or not.

@osuprof No I get it. There are so many students beyond qualified who get rejected all the time. I’m just conflicted whether I should give ED a shot and essentially let luck take its place or I should not even bother and ED another school that I may have a better chance at. Another school probably Michigan U or Stern (even though are both very selective too)

ED to Stern if I were you.
UMich doesnt give ED, only EA

Agree, you’re really not up to par for Wharton even ED. I would do Stern if I were you. Great school in great location. Also better odds.

Unfortunately, your chance of being accepted early to Wharton is practically zero. Please don’t waste your early card on Wharton. Take two subject tests because you will need them for other schools. You need to sit down with your GC and develop a reasonable list of schools. Most schools in the top 20 will be reaches for you. Wharton is incredibly selective and your grades and ECs are not in the ballpark. There are tons of great schools that would love to have you. Good luck!

You are not a viable candidate for Wharton or many other top B schools. Not to be harsh but your grades are not competitive. I would focus on second and third tier schools.

I would have to agree with the other responders. I think you should apply early to a less selective school to have that sense of security come December. However, if that is your dream school, go for it! If you never apply, your chances are 0. If you do end up applying early, I would at least put out some EA apps to schools like UMichigan. While an acceptance is very unlikely, you never know unless you try. Please chance me back!