Chances at Wharton for NC Junior

<p>I am really interested in Wharton and Huntsman. Can anyone give me my chances for either?</p>

<p>SAT: One-Sitting: 2380
Math: 800
Reading: 800
Writing: 780</p>

Unweighted: 4.0
Weighted: 5.31</p>

<p>School Type: Public Chartered Boarding (application based) for Juniors and Seniors
Class Rank at previous High School: 1/349 after sophomore year</p>

Varsity Basketball (1 year)
Varsity Tennis
1 year previous High School
NC 3A Conference 6 Champions
NC 3A State Semifinalists
1 Year at new High School
Study with Duke Anesthesiologist. Presented at American Society of Anesthesiologists Conference
Study at NC Science Fair: 3rd Place Earth/Env, EPA Award Winner
Published study about been networks in retroviral vectors
member of the 2012 item Team at Duke Dept. of Biomedical Engineering</p>

<p>Work Experience 2 Years Salaried Computer Science Internship</p>

<p>Volunteering: Community Hospital (300+ hours). Shadowing Doctors (200+ hours).</p>


<p>AP Calculus BC (5)
AP Chemistry (5)
AP Biology (5)
AP Environmental Science (4)
AP Physics B (5)
AP Statistics (5)
AP Macroeconomics (4)
AP Microeconomics (4)
Hispanic Literature
Organic Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry
Applied Differential Equations
Multivariable Calculus</p>

<p>SAT II</p>

<p>Math level 2 (800)
Chemistry (800)
Biology E & M (800)</p>

<p>Hook: None
Income Bracket: 200,000-250,000
Ethnicity: Asian (Indian)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>