Chances at Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Wellesley, Miami of OH, Indiana...

<p>This is my first time posting; I just found this message board. Could someone/some people evaluate my chances at 6 schools? You can be as brutally honest as you want.</p>

<p>Schools applying to: Yale (Early Action), Miami of OH (Harrison scholarship), Wellesley, Brown, Dartmouth, Indiana at Bloomington.</p>

<p>GPA—on transcript that will be sent out, 3.973 weighted, 3.84 unweighted (school has a strange weighting system that I don’t even understand); currently 4.005 weighted
Rank—11 out of roughly 520 (I have a cover letter explaining the circumstances behind my rank—I had a relatively severe stomach illness for about 6 months during my junior year)
SAT— 740 V, 710 M (will retake in Dec)
ACT—34 Composite; 34 English, 31 Math (ran out of time; probably would’ve been around 34-35), 35 Reading, 34 Science
SATII—670 Biology, 760 Math 1C, 710 Writing. Will retake Writing (hoping for 750-800) in November if possible and will definitely do German with Listening (almost definitely 750-800). If I can’t take Writing and German on the same day, I’ll do US History. Does anyone know if that’s possible? If not, do you think my writing scores from the SAT and ACT would make up for my not-so-great Writing SATII? It’s pretty obvious from my previous scores that I didn’t have a great day.
Classes—9 APs, not including the second year of AP German and my junior/senior English classes, which are considered to be more difficult than AP. I have taken all four of the AP science courses.
Intended majors—biology and German. If I can test into the 300 or 400 level of German, I would like to double major. If not, I would major in biology and minor in German.</p>

<p>Semi-interesting fact that will probably help my chances-- Co-authored a paper that is pending publication in a science journal.</p>

National Merit Commended (1 point from Semi-Finalist cut-off)
AP Scholar with either Honor or Distinction; I’m not sure if Environmental Science is included because it’s a half year course
National Honor Society, Webmaster—2 years
Academic Super Bowl Science Team—2 years (must be nominated by subject head)
German National Honor Society—3 years
1st place at German State Competition—3 years
Orchestra State Champion—2003.
Orchestra State Runner-Up—2002, 2004.
Violin solo—Group 1 level, 2000-Present.</p>

Gymnastics—11 years; 18 hours per week; 51 weeks per year
Violin—8 years; 10 hours per week; 50 weeks per year
Church—3 years; 5 hours per week; 51 weeks per year
German Club—4 years; 2 hours per week; 40 weeks per year
Students for the Betterment of Society—2 years (open only to juniors and seniors); 3 hours per week; 40 weeks per year
Academic Super Bowl Science; 2 years; 10 weeks per year (invitation only)
We the People Academic Team—1 year (seniors only); 6 hours per week; 20 weeks per year
Auditioning for Brain Game this year (televised academic competition)</p>

<p>Offices currently held
NHS Webmaster
Students for the Betterment of Society—Co-President
German Club—Vice-President</p>

<p>Volunteer Work
Tech team at church—2001-Present
Other volunteering through church (random things)—2002-Present
Tutor in Chemistry and US History—2003-Present
Created German student tutoring program—2004
Guardian Home volunteering—2004
JIREH Back to School—2002
Lead planning committee for the Statewide National Honor Society Conference--2004</p>

Sophomore—4.0 GPA unweighted; AP Environmental Science, AP World History
Junior—Unsure of GPA (slight grade drop; cover letter explains illness); AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP US History, AP German 4, Lyceum English (arguably more difficult than AP; no busy work; class focuses on reading and writing and takes AP exam at end of year)
Senior—(currently 4.237 GPA) AP Physics B/C, AP Economics, AP German 5, AP Calculus AB (district does not offer BC), Lyceum English</p>

<p>Essays and recs are both good.</p>

<p>So, Yale (Early Action), Miami of OH (Harrison Scholarship), Wellesley, Brown, Dartmouth, Indiana U at Bloomington—what do you think? My ranked list is Yale, Dartmouth, Wellesley, Brown, Miami of OH, and Indiana.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>bump... anyone? I would really appreciate it.</p>

<p>You stand a good shot if the gymnastics coach wants you at Yale, Dartmouth and Brown, otherwise ypu need to raise your scores. You're in good shape for the others as is.</p>

<p>I will most likely not get into a college based on gymnastics! :) Hmmm.... so if I raised my Writing SATII to at least a 750 and scored somewhere in the 750-800 range on German w/Listening (which should not be a problem; my National German Test scores from the past three years have predicted a 780+), would that help my chances considerably? I looked up the ACT average at Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown-- my score was at or above the 75% at all three schools, so I'm guessing the SATII is what's lacking? My counselor told me not to bother retaking any tests except for the 2nd round of SATII.</p>

<p>That reminds me, does anyone know if it's possible to take Writing and a Listening test on the same day?</p>

<p>One last question-- CollegeBoard says that they will report the Listening and Reading subscores in the G w/ Listening test. Will that count as two separate scores?</p>

<p>I was looking at SATI as I don't know how ivys view ACT. At my daughter's school over the last 4 years, non urm/legacy/athlete lowest SATI to an ivy other than Cornell was 1480.</p>

<p>34 ACT is equivalent to 1520 SAT, I believe. There's a conversion table on either the ACT or SAT site; I don't remember which.</p>

<p>I think you have a really awesome chance at most of these schools. I think Yale would be a reach, Dartmouth and Brown - range/reach, Wellesley - range, and I'm not too familiar with miami of ohio or indiana. If anything, I would work on improving your test scores. your ec's are really strong. especially your dedication and time commitment to violin and gymnastics. but for the others, I would only mention the really important ones on your application. Schools don't want to see a really long list of activities - just the few that you really dedicate yourself to. </p>

<p>hope this helps!</p>

<p>thats not really true. I know lots of people who have scored in the 1300's and weren't an athlete, legacy, or anything else and were accepted to brown and dartmouth</p>