Chances at Yale ED

<p>Hi, I'm an international student from Korea living in Vancouver, Canada. I've applied early to Yale, and I wish to know what my chances are.</p>

Unweighted - 94.308/100
taking the most rigorous courses of study (many honor and AP courses)
My school doesn't calculate weighed GPA, but it would be about 102/100.
Class rank 7/450 unweighed</gpa></p>

<p><sat i="">
1490: V690 M800</sat></p>

<p><sat ii="">
Chem 790
Math IIC 800
Writing 670 (expecting a better score for Nov test)</sat></p>

<p>I didn't send any AP scores.</p>

<p><extracurricular activities=""></extracurricular></p>

<p>President of Music Council
Leader of Charity Band
Concert Band, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz Ensemble (Drummer, Percussionist)
Music Concert MC (master of ceremony)
District Honor Band</p>

<p>Math Department Teacher Assistant
Student Council Grade 12 Representative
Peer Tutoring
30-Hour Famine organizer</p>

<p><work experience="">
Math Tutor, Korean Tutor</work></p>

<p>-Many times school winner for various math contests
-Won several awards based on academic achievement </p>

<p>Great essays and awesome recommendations.</p>

<p>What are my chances at Yale, ED?</p>

<p>also RD chances at</p>


<p>I don't see you getting in any of those schools. I suggest finding some safeties.</p>

<p>There are no guarantees, and what you've posted is pretty average for the schools on your list. You might get in, but I agree with the above - find some safeties!</p>

<p>I interviewed for Yale for many years and know whereof I speak.</p>

<p>I wonder if this makes any difference to my chances...</p>

<p>My mom was diagnosed with leukemia when I was in Grade 10. She was ill for nearly two years, and passed away in July this year.
One thing remarkable is that my grades actually significantly improved over the period of this tragedy.</p>

<p>I wrote one of my essays based on this overcoming of a predicament, and my teachers agreed that it was a very touching essay.</p>

<p>Will this tip the scale in my favor?</p>

<p>Sure...why not? Again, throw in some safeties. I see Cornell possibly happening, though.</p>

<p>it should bc it shows that despite terrible emotional pain and suffering you still suceeded. colleges love to see perserverance</p>

<p>What are you guys talking about? He has an A average in honors and AP classes, class rank in the top 10, and SAT in the top 1 percentile. Therefore most schools on your list are matches if not safeties (Cornell and Berkeley), whereas MIT, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Princeton are reaches.</p>

<p>i never descredited his stats. i said that the fact that he has perseverded will only make his app stronger</p>

<p>Your ED chances at Yale are slightly under 3%. That's not a slam. Just a reality. Yale accepted slightly under 3% of its international applicants last year, ED and RD. But ED rates (actually SCEA) are about half that of RD. So I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you are twice as good as the average applicant.</p>

<p>Very sorry to hear your story about your mum. But I want to say, jopokkid, because you're applying as an International, you are gonna face so much competition out there. Your essay is touching indeed; that'll boost your app significantly. I have confidence in you that you'll get into Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, and Cornell. But other colleges you listed are reaches. HYP, MIT, stanford, are definitely very competitive, especially its int'l pool. Best of luck for you, jopokkid!</p>