Chances at Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Brown? 50/50?

<p>Hey! I'm wanting to know what you think my chances at Yale, Harvard, Columbia, and Brown are? These are my stats. Let me know what you think, and please be honest.</p>

<p>Kiley Richardson
White Female
Age: 17
Graduation Date: June of 2005
Grade: Senior; public school</p>

<p>GPA: 3.6
Rank: 150/550
SAT: 1400</p>

<p>Senior Classes:
Honors Calculus-85%
Honors Chemistry-87%
Honors Spanish IV-92%
AP English IV-89%
AP Government and Economics-90%
Law Education (Intrest in Law)-97%
Internship II (Interning at a Law Office)

JV Basketball Cheerleading (9th,10th)
V Basketball Cheerleading (11th,12th)
JV Football Cheerleading (10th)
V Football Cheerleading (11th,12th)
JV Soccer (9th, 10th)
V Soccer (11th, 12th)
Figure Skating:
Competitive Skating (9th,10th)
V School Team (10th, 11th, 12th)
Student Council:
10th Grade: Representive
11th Grade: Representive
12th Grade: Representive
11th Grade: Internship at a local hospital
12th Grade: Intership at a law office
Nominated for a 2 week Law convention held in Washington DC, for all students interested in a career in law, over the summer.</p>

<p>Honestly, what do you guys think of me being accepted to an Ivy League?? Any other suggestions that are not Ivy's?</p>

<p>maybe Cornell if u ED it</p>

<p>Anyone else? Bump!</p>

<p>Yeah, you should ltake NYU's advice, at least give it a look.</p>

<p>The Ivy League is definately not very feasible.
You should try to go into the California Public School system. UCB and UCLA are pretty good schools. All the Ivy rejects go to Stanford. Anyway, there's always hope.</p>

<p>So become a house wife...I don't think so. Anyways...I don't really want to go to California. I'm more of an east coast girl...New England actually. Any other suggestions?</p>

<p>Your rank will definately hurt you for the ivy league schools. Most of the ivy league schools have over 90% of their students in the top decile of their graduating class. You are at the 27th percentile now. If you can boost your rank, you should be competitive.</p>

<p>What's wrong with being a housewife? What's wrong with the west coast?
Maybe you should try to make NYU, you have a good chance there.</p>

<p>Good luck in your Psychology class!</p>

<p>What are you interested in studying in college, Kiley? That may help us give you recs of good fit schools for you on the east coast :)</p>

<p>based on the stats I'd say you're not in at Harvard or Yale, but possibly Columbia and Brown (Esp. if you up your class rank and apply EA/ED!!!). </p>

<p>best of luck!</p>

<p>I would say honestly the ivies are out of reach unless you are a recruit. HY is not going to happen, Columbia and Brown very very very unlikely. Shift your list down a notch to Emory, WUSTL, and maybe Cornell ED or Northwestern ED as reaches. Regular those last two are unlikely, ED you are pretty ok.</p>

<p>If ED,then:</p>

brown-65% chance
cornell-75% chance
columbia-55% chance
dartmouth-60% chance
upenn-50% chance</p>

<p>RD-you pretty much dont have a good chance, unless you are from alaska or something...</p>

<p>Why Why WHY would you post your name? I've heard that admissions officers check these posts out. Edit your name out! as for chances, I think that the big ivies are a leap. Try some schools like amherst, how aout mount holyoke?</p>

<p>Sunday - AIM screen name?</p>

<p>honestly i doubt you will get in many but maybe you will have a shot because of your athletic background. your gpa, sat, and class rank by themselves arent that great.</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>I'd say very very unlikely chance of getting into Yale, Harvard, Columbia and Brown. However you may be saved, if the admissions office there have personally recruited you, if not, I think it is a long shot. I'd say look into schools like UC Publics and Cornell.</p>

<p>Your schools are all reaches. Cornell is a reasonable reach. You need matches and safeties. Have you looked at Colgate? Strong academics and athletics.</p>