Chances at...

<p>Hey guys, i was just wondering what my chances would be in being accepted into these colleges? Since I transferred high schools my previous high school averages weren't great, but in my current school i am doing well.
Old School GPA- 83?
New School GPA- 93-94
So my averages are brought down because of my old school. </p>

<p>SATs- 1360 (700 V 660 M)
SAT II Math 1c- 630 (retaking because didn't do so good)
Going to take Korean and Writing.
NYU, UCLA, U. Michigan of Ann Arbor, Boston University, Rutgers New Brunswick, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Buffalo and Cornell Agricultural and Life Sciences.</p>

<p>Would my old school average totally affect my chances totally or will they take it into consideration that I am doing well in my new school. Also my High School rank is low because of the old school GPA. Haha i'm pretty messed up aren't I?</p>



<p>Assuming you don't live in California,</p>

<p>NYU: Match
UCLA: Reach (out of state)
Michigan: Match
BU: Match
Rutgers: Safety (?)
SUNY Binghamton: Safety
SUNY Stony Brook: Safety
SUNY Buffalo: Safety
Cornell Agricultural and Life Sciences: Reach</p>

<p>With my grades NYU is considered a match? Is it possible that I can get accepted to NYU even though it is such a competitive school with my GPA? Wil lthey excuse my old school GPA as well? Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>if NYU = New York University, a girl from my HS got there with a A- average</p>

<p>nyu: major reach
ucla: safety
michigan: safety
bu: safety
cornell: safety
suny: major reaches</p>

<p>im not lying at all</p>