Chances @ Bowdoin

I’ve never done this before so hopefully it works!

I applied ED1 to Bowdoin but I wanna know if i have any chance…

I’m a white female from the midwest (Minnesota). Middle class family, no legacy.
I go to a really unique public charter, super small (60 in my grade). The school is fully IB and is one of 3 Montessori high schools in the US.

I didn’t submit any test scores ( I couldn’t take the ACT cus covid), but I will submit IB Exams and have sent in which ones I am scheduled to take. I have a 4.1 gpa (out of a 4.25 scale, my school weights weird).
I am top 5 in my class, I am a full IB world diploma candidate, I take all and only IB courses including TOK, I have been on high honors and deans list all 4 years, I am a final contender for my states top graduate award, and have national and state musical theatre awards.

In terms of activities; I started a women’s union against misogyny @ my school and have worked with admin to create policy changes, I lead women’s backpacking trips, worked with an organization in Minneapolis after the uprising to aid people experiencing homelessness due to unrest, I captain my ultimate frisbee team and have played in multiple national ultimate championships, drama all 4 years of high school and won national and state awards for theatre performance, environmental research on green gentrification all of senior year through IB with an international org in Europe, I interned with a professional playwright and assistant directed original productions all 4 years, NHS, and more but they are just eh.

My essays are pretty good, they are written really well but I don’t know if they are super unique. I had an interview and it was just average, I think it went well enough, but I have really high expectations because I am a performer lol.
I have 3 letters of rec from teachers that have known me since 5th grade due to my small school, I think they will be good, although I am known to be a talker.

I did the video response and it was just a fun short little thing, it adds a bit of light hearted personality to my application which I think is a good thing.

I think my activities, academic rigor, and unique education are my strong points but my stats are kinda low and my interview didn’t rly stand out, let me know if u think I have a chance… Also maybe give me other schools you think I could be a good fit at for RD ?

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Oh and I want to do Environmental Studies or Environmental Policy. I wrote my essay on that

I’m also a high school student so take this with a grain of salt, but it looks to me like you have a good shot. Your stats and ECs seem great, and your interests seem to align well with the type of person I picture attending bowdoin (I’m also applying ed).

I DEFINITELY think you are getting in! You have very strong activities and applying ED will give you even more of an edge. Things that stand out to me are your accomplishments both in environment and educational policy and performing arts. Your stats look solid and I would agree that your unique education experience might be a plus as well.

Not to make it about me, but I definitely share those two passions (heavily involved with theatre, dance, and choir and have worked with my state DoE and school district to target racism and other inequities in our education system). I am sure you will get in! I am also really interested in Bowdoin (though I would apply EDII or RD, I applied to Yale REA). If you wanna take a look at my profile and comment I would love that! Maybe we could be besties at Bowdoin (love the alliteration)!

In terms of the schools, I think you should definitely take a look at Bates, Oberlin, Vassar, and Middlebury! These are known to have pretty similar cultures to Bowdoin and I believe they all have strong STEM, political, and performing arts programs. But, you won’t need that list, because you are definitely getting into Bowdoin!

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Based on your intended major, look into Hamilton, Colorado College, Colby, Middlebury, Pitzer, St. Lawrence, Allegheny, HWS and Eckerd for options across a range of selectivity.

i got an email from them that decisions were coming out friday @ 7pm EST

for future reference i got deferred ED1

Dude that’s crazy. I thought for sure you were getting in. Good luck for RD!