<p>Help...Chances? </p>


<p>hey im full IB diploma candidate, chances at Stanford, Brown, Harvard, UCB, UCLA?</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 unweighted</p>

<p>Junior year:
IB Math HL 11
IB English HL 11
IB Chem HL 11
IB Spanish SL 12

<p>Senior Year:
IB Math HL 12
IB English HL 12
IB Chem HL 12
***Taking UCSC Honors Program, (requires 1250 SAT 4.0 GPA), one class each trimester, 1) Wall Street and the Money Game, 2) Intro to Creative Writing 3) Some history class i think</p>

<p>Test Scores:
SAT I: 1450 690 math 760 verbal
*taking again in November, probably 1550ish(easily can get 800 verbal, math upper 700's)</p>

<p>SAT II's: Writing 800, Literature 760, Math IIC 720, Math IC 720</p>

<p>IB Tests: Taken ITGS and Spanish only, 5 on ITGS 6 on Spanish(out of 7)
Taking rest in May for full Diploma</p>

IB Middle Years Program
Rotary Club award(for being "Outstanding student and leader")(4 students from my school were chosen, big dinner w/ senator and stuff there)
Golden State awards, outstanding in geometry and algebra ii
Young Democrats Club
Lifetime CSF member
Governor's scholarship all 4 years($1000 scholarship for high standardized testing scores)
3 Years Varsity soccer player(1 jv)
2 years varsity track
2 years cross country
coached u12 co-ed soccer team for two seasons
helped as teacher's aid in 2nd grade classroom for all 4 years of hs
National Merit Commended(221)
More stuff i forget right now~</p>

<p>So chances at stanford, brown, harvard, ucb, ucla?</p>

<p>also any advice on essays would be nice, im a great writer but have trouble gettin started sumtimes~ maybe im just lazy</p>

<p>you seem to have decent/good ec's and a very nice hs transcript. Assuming you get that 1550, i'd put your chances at stanford at about 50-60%, brown 60%, harvard 50%. I assume you're a CA resident because you're taking the UCSC honors program.. you'd be shoo-in's for berkeley and ucla. 90%.</p>

<p>are you applying early anywhere?</p>

<p>if you've written your essay i'd love to critique/proofread it for you =)
and if you'd have the time and will to read over my 500 word essay, that would be great, but if not, it'd be fine too</p>

<p>sure, i'll take a look at yours, haven't written mine yet:) im thinking about writing about my brother and me, as we're close in age and have had a lot of experiences growing up together...however dunno if this is a good idea? or maybe how my role as oldest of my cousins has helped me become a leader/role model? i've heard it's a bad idea to write about sports. not sure what else i could write on, tryin to figure out what would make a good essay. don't really have any hobbies i could write about(writing, scrabble, ping pong...) maybe the u12 co-ed soccer team i coached? however, for stanford need a picture (for picture essay) and i don't have a pic of that..ugh. Any help much appreciated.</p>

<p>both of those topics would be fine.. but you don't necessarily need a good topic to make a good essay. i just wrote about a simple drive home at night.. and did a lot with just that. =D</p>

<p>btw, i posted a thread called "Harvard EA strong stats/essay/recs.. weak ec's" but here's my contact info again neways xD
aim- quixoticpio
yahoo- quixoticpio
msn- <a href=""></a>
feel to IM me :-)</p>

<p>bump ---------_-</p>

<p>Assuming you get a 1550+ on your SAT I would say:</p>

<p>stanford - 30%
brown - 40%
harvard - 25%
ucb - 90% in state
ucla - 95% in state</p>

<p>actually.. that sounds about right. maybe a tad higher at harvard/stanford.</p>

<p>I'd keep it at around that or lower, because the range of most students score is 1400 (Athletes) to 1600 for SAT. Usually in the 1500s range. I think the things that are lacking is some sort of research (and maybe GPA, if its above a 4.0 scale). Plus the sheer volume of applicants this year :P</p>