Chances (BS)?

Applying to Blair, Cate, Choate, Concord, NMH, Andover, Exeter, L’ville, Loomis, and Thacher.

Basic Information
Grade: 7
Gender: Female
State: NJ

I just got surgery on my foot and I haven’t been able to go to most of my sports in ages due to COVID-19 anyway, so I’ll be including a lot of ECs from last year.

I’ve been playing the piano for around eight years now, and I’m confident that I’m at least an average player.

I can swim, and I’ve been on my local swim team for around two years (not now, though, due to my foot and COVID).

I can play tennis as well, but I’m not too good at it and, again, I can’t practice now due to my foot.

I will be taking art classes soon as well, but I’ve been self taught until now.

There are more, but I’m either planning on them quitting soon and/or I’ve momentarily forgot about them.

I got a 96th percentile on the middle level test, but I will be retaking it soon and I’ll update this post with the new score.

I currently have nothing below an A-, but I’m pretty close to dipping to a B+ in Spanish.

That’s all the information I have right now, but I’ll be updating the thread with anything new.

I think you have a good list. Are you retaking the middle level test, and if so why? The upper level test is the one to be focused on right now.

Also, do you have volunteer experience? If not, that is necessary and going to appear on multiple applications.

Most schools allow you submit test scores from 7th grade (or the school year before you applied), so I’ll just be taking the middle level test for now.

And yes, I do have experience volunteering. I was a volunteer at my local library, but the last time I signed up for that program was around two years ago.

If you are applying for 9th grade the schools are going to expect to see Upper level test scores. And although some schools will accept other scores during the pandemic or say they are test optional they will not have the same force or comparison as the upper level administered to 8th graders.

If you already have a 96% on the middle a higher score in the middle is not going to have an more weight. And if you have taken the test multiple times since pandemic AND you don’t take the upper level test it just suggests you didn’t choose to take the Upper level.

Only one of the schools we applied to this asked for test scores within a year.

If that’s the case, I’ll change my test type and take it next year.

Good. I think it will help your admission profile. Sweet Boy had excellent middle level ISEE scores and I would love to have relied on them. I completely understand why you want to. But they don’t have the same impact and so he was need to take upper level SSAT. He also tried to take the SAT through eight cancellations, ugh.

We don’t know what application policies will be like for fall. But in my own review of acceptances, students who submitted scores had more acceptances.

I’ll definitely be submitting some scores, so I guess that’s a plus?

But either way, thanks for replying to my post and giving me some advice!