chances chances...i'll give you a cookie! WF

<p>Wake Forest RD??
3.8 unweighted, 4+ weighted
11% in a class of 420, One of Top Public Schools in Country
9 AP's, 6 Honors
White from NY
AP's (5 US, 4 Comp., 3 Latin Ovid/Catullus)
SAT II- 750 US
700 M, 660 R, 680 W
96 Hours of Interning at Roswell Park Cancer Institute
100+ Hrs of community work
Varsity Soccer, Varsity tennis-captain (1st doubles), mock trial-captain/vice president, math club, National Honor Society, Distinguished Math Award in Pre-Calculus, 2nd Place on National Latin Exam, 2 honorable mentions on National Latin Exam, National Latin Honor Society 3 years, Math Tutor, AP Scholar With Honors, Orchard Park Pride (top 3o most respected in high school)</p>

<p>Great Recs, Above Avg Essay</p>

<p>Senior Year-
AP Physics
AP Government
AP Macroeconomics
AP Calculus AB
AP Latin Vergil
Honors Seminar for Humanities</p>

<p>plz, curious</p>

<p>plz guys i need to know if u shud apply or not, i probly wudnt regret it but i wud if i cud get in</p>

<p>you should apply because you want to go to the school, not because someone on here tells you your chances of getting in</p>

<p>just apply.
your stats are amazing.</p>

<p>i realize that i shud apply but im not sure if i shud it wud be worth it if i got in but i wudnt b heartbroken if i didnt, hard to explain</p>

<p>Wayne Gretzky is right. You miss 100% of the shots you never take.</p>

<p>i ended up not applying lol oh well, i just hope i make into emory or georgia tech</p>

<p>no chance sry :(</p>

<p>ur nice (10 CHAR)</p>