Chances @ Clemson, USC, USD?

<p>Year Entering College: 2011
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
State of Residence: Oregon</p>

<p>Class Rank: Not sure, top 50%
GPA: 3.24 unweighted, 3.31 weighted</p>

<p>SAT: 1980
ACT: 27</p>

<p>All honors/AP
ACCEL English 2nd year
AP English lang & comp
AP Psych
AP U.S. History
WIll be taking PSU Prob & Stats next year (Portland State level course)</p>

<p>Hopeful major:
1)Computer Engineering/Science
2)Business Administration

ACCESS program (new program for kids who test in the 99th percentile in the nation)
Varsity football
Varsity lacrosse
Held a job since august of 09, had a job before that from june 08-august 09
200+ hours of communty service, at Oregon Humane Society and Hands On Greater Portland</p>

<p>Letters of rec: 3 of my high school teachers, the ones who love me :P</p>

<p>Schools (easiest to hardest, roughly)
University of Arizona
Texas Tech
University of Florida
University of San Diego
Clemson University</p>

<p>Middle 50% SATs; Admit Rate</p>

<p>Arizona 970-1220 (M+CR only); 78%
Texas Tech 1460-1770; 67%
Florida 1140-1360 (M+CR); 43%
USC 1910-2180; 24%
USD 1665-1950; 49%
Clemson 1670-1960; 58%</p>

<p>Admit rates and SATs aren't everything but they are an indicator. By far, USC is your toughest school to get into, your SAT is around the 33rd%tile and your GPA is well below the average admits 3.8. So unless you've been recruited to play football I have to say it's a long-shot.</p>

<p>Arizona & Texas Tech are pretty safe; the rest are also pretty likely, though I wouldn't be shocked by a rejection from Florida given your OOS status.</p>

<p>yeah only 3% of OOS students are accepted at Florida im wondering whether or not i should even apply. What about Clemson? How are they about OOS students?</p>

<p>Oh and i would also like to know what anybody thinks of my chances of getting into University of Central Florida?</p>

<p>UF is difficult, in-state or oos. I think UCF would be more likely, as it is quite a bit easier to get into. If you're interested in more FL state schools I would also look at Florida State University and Florida Atlantic University.</p>

<p>I think Florida State would also be an awesome school to go to, but they are the same as UF where they rarely accept OOS students who arent in the to 10%. Its not so much about the Florida schools though. After all, my first three choices are clemson, usc, and usd.</p>

<p>Why do people hardly ever answer my questions haha... I would like more opinions than one.</p>