Chances/College Plans

<p>So I have applied already for Fall '14, and I have been accepted to Humboldt State University, San Francisco State University, and University of Nevada, Reno. I was wondering if anyone else could tell me more information about any of my schools or my chances of getting into the ones I have applied to:</p>

<p>San Diego State University (long shot, but top choice)
University of Washington, Seattle (again, another long shot)
University of San Diego
San Jose State University
University of California, Santa Cruz</p>

<p>I'll give a rough summary of my high school career:</p>

<p>Overall UW GPA: 3.68
Overall Weighted GPA: 3.9
SAT I: 1540/2400 (*I know, I know….)
AVID (9-12)
AVID Club (9-12)
Varsity Cheer (9-10)
Varsity Swim (10-12)
Multiple Volunteer Organizations through AVID Tutoring and also local coaching (9-11)</p>

<p>My intended major is Biology, with Pre-Med in mind. Any information on that too would be helpful, too!</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>