Chances? Columbia ED

17 APS (ten 5s, taking 7 this year)
3.5 UW GPA (I had undiagnosed ADHD until junior year), 4.692 Weighted
1420 SAT Score (770 ERBW, 650 Math)
Triple legacy and Hispanic
Retired parents (lower-middle class because we don’t have any income)

4 years of varsity lacrosse (captain and goalie), swimming (captain), and water polo
2 year internship at the Service Corps of Retired Executives
7 years Girl Scouts (Gold Award, Silver Award, Teen Council, organized jamborees)
2 years volunteer club lacrosse coach
2 years club water polo
Traveled to 23 countries in high school and met with diplomats
8 published op-Ed’s in metropolitan newspapers
Best Buddies, Key Club etc.
Published research on the correlation between religiosity and philosophical education in public schools
Freelance poetry consultant (I help young poets find publishers for a small fee)

AP Capstone Diploma
National AP Scholar
AP Scholar with Distinction
National English Honor Society, Rho Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society

Personal statement about my mother’s opioid addiction
Really strong supplements
Strong recs (English, euro history and Columbia prof)
Member of MENSA
Trilingual (Czech, Spanish, English)
Got horrible grades (5 B’s, 2 A’s) freshman year due to being hospitalized for an ED
Philosophy major

As the ED deadline’s already passed, there’s not much point in chancing you----it won’t change your decision come December. What you CAN do to improve your chances at Columbia and other schools is to continue to do well in school and keep your grades high. I would also recommend having your RD applications ready to submit, just-in-case. Good luck! :smile:

Thank you for this—clearly the nerves are getting to me hahah

I go to one of the best private prep boarding school in the nation. Our school sends 1-2 students to Columbia every year. The students that always got in have very nice gpa with the most rigorous course possible. Since you say that you were diagnosed with ADHD till junior, show that you are a hardworking passionate student through essays and ECs. Also try to get a higher SAT score…?

Best lucks to you!