chances columbia, hopkins, rice....

<p>I was just wondering what you guys think my chances would be at getting into schools such as columbia, hopkins, wash u, and rice.also if anyone is familiar with the acc. BA/MD program, your thoughts about my chances for acceptance into the program will be greatly appreciated:</p>

<p>SAT: 710 - V 800 - M (1510)
SATIIs: Registered for nov.
APs: 5-Calc AB, 5-Comp Sci A, 4-US History
GPA: 3.6/4.4</p>

<p>current courses:
AP Lit
AP Chem
AP Bio
AP Stats
human anatomy
Spanish 5
pursuing interest for art at local communinty college</p>

Red Cross: President of school club
President of chapter youth council
Officer of State youth council
Board of Directors of Central Jersey Chapter
Tae Kwon Do:13 years... competitive
now assisant instructor with work twice a week
3rd dan black belt
Indian Cultural Organization - 4 years
MUN: recieved outstanding delagate at 2 confrences
Crew: varsity for 3 years (fall and spring)</p>

<p>my major will most likely be mathematics or physics although i wish to pursue medincine in the future. for the accelerated programs i will most likely have a bio major. </p>

<p>any comments are greatly appreciated

<p>very good at all... low gpa, 1510 overweights it</p>

<p>why would you be a bio major if you were in a combined program? The whole point of the combined program is that it gives you the ability to explore what you are passionate about without worrying about what a med school will think of you.</p>

<p>anyway, i think your chances look fine. but i don't really know anything about that.</p>


<p>Columbia, I'd say is a definite reach. Our valedictorian last year who was a Hispanic National Merit Finalist and had tons of EC got rejected, when he got in to Yale.</p>