Chances Cornell ED?


<p>760M 450V
600 Physics</p>

<p>rank 46/700
avg 91</p>

Boy Scouts
Youth Club President
Newspaper Writer
Math Team
Volunteer 500+hrs
MIS coordinator at Education Center
Teacehr at Educatioin Center</p>

<p>What are my chances at Cornell ED? Im know SATs are low, takin over in NOV</p>

<p>O Yea My Aps Are Senior Year Are:</p>

<p>Ap Eng
Ap Physics
Bc Calc
Ap American History</p>

<p>please BUMP</p>

<p>Too much of a gap in your scores....but impressive math...</p>

<p>hey, it never hurts to try..but since you are ED, how can the Nov reach the scores in time?</p>

<p>rush them...tehy shud b ther by dec 1!</p>

<p>please reply people...i need serious input</p>