Chances Cornell ED?


<p>760M 450V
600 Physics</p>

<p>rank 46/700
avg 91</p>

Boy Scouts
Youth Club President
Newspaper Writer
Math Team
Volunteer 500+hrs
MIS coordinator at Education Center
Teacher at Education Center</p>

<p>What are my chances at Cornell ED? I know SATs are low, takin over in NOV</p>

<p>o yea, my APs senior year are</p>


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<p>Really focus on the SAT verbal. I don't think Cornell would consider you now.</p>

<p>Which college at Cornell? Your verbal is a killer but otherwise you look like many other applicants. Honestly, bring that verbal up a few hundred points.</p>

<p>University-wide, 5.7% of the applicants with a 400-490 verbal score were accepted last year. I could guarantee that they all overcame ridiculous hardships, were famous legacies, were recruited athletes, or were under-represented minorities.</p>

Major: Operations Res, not many people apply for this so maybe i can sneak in?</p>

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<p>BUMPPPPPP reply people...i seriously need input</p>

<p>get that verbal up 200 points - unless, you are not getting anywhere. Even 150 points would be ok.</p>

<p>Like other posters, I think you need to get the verbal score up 200 points at least. You might want to take the ACT, if you can. Sometimes people do better on it than the SATs.</p>

<p>You're a solid candidate. again your verbal needs some raising. In fact your combined score isn't even in their middle 50% range. If you raise it by 200 points, you're set. Just rush in your scores. check out my stats under "What are my chances." Anyways good luck</p>

<p>Im in the same situation (ED and RD), do i have a chance:
690M (retaking in dec. for 750+)
520V (retaking in dec. for 600+)</p>

<p>SAT II's:
Chemistry ~ 700 (taking in nov.)
Math IC ~ 750 (taking in nov.)
Writing ~ 600+ (taking in nov.)</p>

<p>I have a bunch of e.c.'s and AP classes. let me know wat my chances are.</p>

<p>by the way my gpa is 92% and my rank is 3/250 top 5%</p>