Chances (couldn't find main thread)

<p>I'm sure this sounds familiar. I will be applying to colleges next year, and I'm wondering how I stand.</p>

<p>Looking at a 4.14 GPA (10th and 11th grade averaged)</p>

<p>2170 SAT score, 2190 PSAT (Placed for at least a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship)</p>

<p>All 3 SAT II's over 750</p>

<p>ALl 3 AP Tests passed- one 4, two 5's. </p>

<p>I got pretty messed up sophmore year, my one and only C in an honors class. I have a very demanding schedule this year, and have bounced back nicely.</p>

<p>President of the School Business Club
Secretary for Red Cross Club
Secretary for Cancer Relief Society</p>

<p>Did JV Tennis in 10th grade, Varsity in 12th.</p>

<p>Placed 2nd and took some other minor recognitions in the local Rotary Business Contest.</p>

<p>Lifetime member of CSF and NHS (But then again, everyone is)</p>

<p>Volunteered at Asian Art museum, and overseas in a hospital- each for one month. </p>

<p>So can I make UCLA? Or is my GPA going to kill me? I've heard SAT won't make or break you. All advice is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Match at the very least ... your GPA isn't anywhere near bad, I got in w/ a 3.96 (but this is hardly the rule)</p>

<p>depends what ur major is</p>


<p>UCLA: Match</p>

<p>you look good, nail all your AP's and emphasize your leadership roles in the clubs/activities that were most important to you. as for your classes, just make sure they know you took a really demanding load.</p>

<p>you'll get in</p>

<p>just don't f up your essays and fill out your application correctly. if you are extremely nervous, go to your community college this summer and take uc transferable classes and get all As to boost your gpa a bit more.</p>