chances? D: (international)

<p>GPA 3.33
SAT Score: 2160
reading : 690
math : 720</p>

<p>SAT 2 Chemistry : 670 (i know its not good, didn't prepare)</p>

<p>Currently Taking the IB
Chem, Bio, Geo</p>

Eng, Math, Chinese</p>

<p>4 Years Badminton Captain
4 Years wroth of awards for Badminton Achievement
1 gold badminton medal
Self Taught Guitar
Music Solo Vocal Performance
Senior Prefect (selection process through teacher voting)
Volunteer teaching children at school
Senior Choir
House Badminton Captain
House Chinese Chess Captain (house is kinda like the hogwarts thing)
Top 60 in U19 Badminton tournament <em>each school can only send 2 best players to participate, Total 150 participants</em></p>

<p>i do'nt feel very confident...
any suggestions?</p>