Chances? Do I have a good mixture?

<p>Hey guys, I sat down and came up with my list of 12 schools that I seem to be applying to. Do I seem to have a solid mix of reach, challenge and safetys? </p>

<p>A little about me. A 3.75 UW GPA with 10 AP's and more honors. A 1300/1600 SAT with no prep ( gonna retake in fall). Decent EC's (Travel soccer captain, NHS and surf club officer, 400 hours, etc). In state for Florida. </p>

<p>The schools:
Reach: Notre Dame (my dream)
UNC Chapel Hill</p>

<p>Challenge: U. of Florida
Wake Forest
U. Southern Cal
U. Miami
Pepperdine </p>

<p>Safety: Florida St.
Central Florida
U. Kentucky (if I have property here, am I instate?)</p>

<p>Thanks guys!</p>

<p>Does this seem like a reasonable list?</p>

<p>Yes, it does.</p>