chances EA

<p>I am an African-American female at an urban public highschool (in the gifted magnet) in Los Angeles but I am from an upper middle class family. My stats are:</p>

-ranked 13 out of 808
-mostly A's with the exception of two B's (in SPanish freshman year and an indepedent study life skills class)
<em>first time: 1340 (680v, 660m)
*second time: 2250 (790m,790v,670w)
*Biology: 730
*US History: 770
*Math Level 2: 650 (oops)
*Spanish 2 (oops again)
*US History 5
*Eurpean history 5
*Biology 5
*English Literature 4
*taking right now:
*</em>AP Calculus AB
*<em>AP Economics (will take two AP tests)
*</em>AP Physics
*<em>AP Government (will take two AP tests)
*</em>AP English Composition
-Honors filled the rest of my schedule with the exception of Spanish and Geometry (not offered in honors)</p>

-captain of the soccer team 2 years (only freshman on varsity since freshman year)
-Jack and Jill (cultural/service organization)
*member since age 9
*treasurer 2 years
*parlimentarian 1 year
-Science Bowl
*on team 3 years
*captain 2 years
-member California Honor Society
-member California Scholarship Federation
-Mentor 3 years</p>

-before 9th grade Traveled through Europe playing with soccer team
-before 10th grade Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth summer program in Maryland
-before 11th grade UC COSMOS summer program at UC Davis
-Before 12th grade
*job as office clerk 2 days a week
*internship at USC Keck School of Medicine assisting with research 3 days a week</p>

<p>Volunteering- 250 hours
-Test Sucess (Tutoring underpriveleged youth)
-Cooking for homeless
-Ronald McDonald House
-many small projects with Jack and Jill</p>

<p>Awards Received
-national merit commended student
-national acheivement semifinalist (as of now)
-Who's Who Among American Highschool Students (know it doens't count for much)
-Second All-League Soccer team (2 years)
-National Honor Roll
-AP Scholar with Honor</p>

<p>do it w00s!</p>

<p>you will get in. great stuff boy!</p>

<p>you got nothin to lose but a bag of chips.</p>

<p>i slipped on my math IIC and im a minority. maybe it's genetic? dunno.</p>

<p>consider harvard and pton too!</p>

<p>****, you're stacked.</p>

<p>I'm applying to them as well. I'm taking math IIc again in December (too late for Yale EA to see but oh well).</p>

<p>I apologize for my small vocabulary but what exactly does "stacked" mean?</p>

<p>it's slang for well-endowed. Usually it's a reference to breasts, but in this case your resume/app is what's stacked.</p>

<p>lol, interesting term</p>

<p>BTW, your chances for Yale are around 90%...</p>

<p>ur gonna get in. i wager.</p>

<p>Sorry to disagree, but everyone here is being really generous. 2250 SAT is strong, and so is 3.8. Leadership positions are good, but not exceptional, and the only awards I see are Nat. Merit. Don't 1600 people have that title?<br>
I think I might have misread this, and if so, are you on some national soccer team? If you are, that can only be good.</p>

<p>Overall, I think that you're a well-rounded candidate with an okay chance, but overall, not too impressive as far as people who are applying EA to a place like Yale.</p>

<p>Oops, missed urban Af Am female. Just being realistic, but if you're an URM, you're chances have just tripled from what I said earlier. It's a reality of college admissions, so hey, enjoy it!</p>

<p>pianoking-I think the reason everyone is being so generous is because I am african american but overall i actually tend to agree with you about my chances.</p>

<p>lol we had the same thought at the same time</p>

<p>i think your chances are pretty decent, but I have one question. How did you go from 680v, 660m to 790m,790v? Thats like statistically insane...</p>

<p>I had kaplan tutors. It just proves the SAT isn't about how smart you are, its about how much money you have to spend. Also I found the math on the new one alot easier.</p>


<p>I'm sure you're aware of the statistics regarding AA performance on the SAT's. You know, the statistic that says that only about 200 AA's scored 1450 or above, with only 70 of those getting a 1500 or above on the old SAT. </p>

<p>With your excellent GPA/Rank and EC's you're easily one of the top 100 AA students in the country.</p>

<p>Now let's put that statistic in perspective. Harvard accepts 200 AA's every year. You do the math...</p>

<p>Bottomline: If Harvard doesn't accept you then who the hell are they gonna accept???</p>

<p>i do know those statitics but no one is sure of the statistics for the new SAT</p>

<p>If anything the new SAT will bring those scores down. Overall, a 2250 on the New SAT is likely to be a higher percentile than 1500 on the Old SAT. This is because it's a longer test, and the general consensus (at least according to the Princeton Review and myself) is that performance on the writing test is significantly worse than performance on the other two components.</p>

<p><em>Edit</em> You are a living example of what I'm talking about...</p>