Chances - Early Action

<p>White Male
GPA - 3.93 weighted
Class Rank - 40 out of 331 (approx. top 12%)
SAT - 1950
ACT - 29
SATIIs - 570 and 590 (I know, those hurt, retaking incl. a third like the recommend)
Classes - All honors since sophomore year (forced to take a couple level 2 classes at my first school freshman year), and took AP English last year and got a 4 on the exam. I am taking AP Government and Politics, AP Statistics, and AP Economics this year.
- Concert Band for three years (1st seat for one), Upper level Symphony Band (I auditioned to get in) - Alto Sax
- Jazz Band for 3 years - Alto Sax
- Varsity Ski Team - Freshman year before I switched schools
- Ski team for a mountain in Vermont through VARA for 3 years
- History National Honors Society for 2 years
- Worked at a beach club all summer - 40 hrs/week
- Work at lawn company throughout year when needed
- Sufficient Community Service including soup kitchens, fundraiser for my music program, and volunteering through rec department.
Other: Strong college essay</p>

<p>Right now I am considering this a "reach" school if I had to group it into a category. GPA and rank could rise by end of 1st semester because I think I am doing quite well right now, but I do not want to jinx anything. But just let me know what you think - Thanks!</p>

<p>PS - Any other Qs let me know.</p>

<p>I'd say it's definitely a reach, especially for early action. Georgetown ACT range is 31-34 (based on the chart they put up on a campus seminar), and they prefer three subject tests (probably at leat a 700 on each). Good luck, though. Try to raise your SAT Subject Tests.</p>

<p>Your ECs and rank are borderline but I think your test scores will make you somewhat of a long-shot at this point. What other schools are you considering?</p>

<p>Georgetown is a reach for you, but if you can raise your test scores a bit you will be much more competitive. Good luck!</p>

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<p>31-34? Wow the stats I looked at on Naviance said 27 to about 33. And i was just in the middle 50th for SAT scores as well. And like I said, I am taking subject tests again and taking 3, but it's only recommended not mandatory. Also, have talked to an admissons officer and they said tht 12% vs 10% would not be deal breaking. With all that said, I know it's a reach but wow what an amazing campus, location, and connections!</p>

<p>Also, applying to BC, Colgate, Hamilton, George Washington U, William and Mary. All "fits" I suppose. Also cornell for another reach, and unass amherst and uvm for safeties. May do dartmouth for the hell of it to. Also I do not think class rank is too inportant, since a lot of schools dont even produce that info anymore</p>

<p>I believe that class rank is very important still. The admissions officers have ways of analyzing school profiles so that they can estimate your class rank based on your high school's data. Also, I have been told that if they REALLY want to know your class rank, they can call your guidance counselor and ask and sometimes they will give it to them on the QT. Not sure if that is true....</p>

<p>Another thing, when you look at data, remember that the SAT and ACT ranges reflect ALL students and that people who are scoring in the lower end of the range, and getting in, may be athletes or minorities. If you are a causcasian from an affluent community, they expect you to be at least at the top end of the range if not above. They know zip codes and communities.</p>

<p>I do realize the consider rank, I just hope the whole 12% vs 10% thing does not hamper my chances to a great extent. It frankly shouldn't, but sometimes schools do get really caught up in these stats. </p>

<p>So true about the minority thing to. I cannot stand affirmative action....all races should be treated equally, and that includes not giving minorities an edge for their ethnicity. Also, not sure how you rank affluent in your book, but I would say my town is pretty average. I am just fortunate enough that my dad has a really good job so that we do not need the need-based financial aid.</p>

<p>You have a good list although some of your "fits" may be higher matches, like BC and W&M, for example. What's your intended major?</p>

<p>I was surprised when I saw the 31-34 on the Georgetown tour, as well. I always thought before that the collegeboard's 26-32 was accurate, but who knows .Only select minority groups (blacks, hispanics) that statistically are struggling get A.A. That only comprises a very small percentage of applicants, though.</p>

<p>Regardless of starting a political debate, I truly hope it is a very small percentage. </p>

<p>And yes, I should have clarified when I said relative. BC and W&M are clearly higher fits (or lower I guess how you look at it), but I wouldnt classify them as definite reaches</p>