Chances early decision Vassar

I am a white female from a rural town in central Vermont. I go to a progressive boarding school in southern Vermont. Wondering what my chances are for early decision at Vassar.

-I went to a public high school for 2.5 years in my hometown. My weighted GPA there was 3.9. I’m too lazy to figure out my unweighted GPA. I took 5 AP courses and was selected to be a peer counselor for two years there. I also made varsity soccer and lacrosse as a freshman.
-My junior year, I attended an art semester school, where I continued to take academic classes. This was my first introduction to a progressive education style, and I received a 4.0 that semester. I returned to my public high school in the Spring but applied to a few boarding schools hoping to repeat a year before college. I wanted to strengthen my art portfolio and take advantage of the opportunities a boarding school offers before applying to college.
-I live in a cabin on the campus of my school with no electricity, heat, or running water, and I am responsible for keeping it heating using a wood stove in the Vermont winter.
-I have a strong art portfolio
-I am a member of the admissions committee at my high school. I read the applications of prospective students and have an equal say alongside adult members on admitted students.
-I have great relationships with my teachers writing my letters of rec
-I am a good interviewer
-My current GPA (for the two years I’ve been at my boarding school) is almost a 3.9 unweighted. There are no AP or honors classes here.
-My common app essay is on a unique topic, and all of my teachers who read it think it will stand out.

I’m worried I will not be submitting test scores (was not able to take the SAT more than once due to COVID), and throughout my time at public high school, I received a few B’s in my classes (mainly math). I’m not sure how holistically Vassar views their applications than the other schools I’m applying to.

Vassar differs from most other highly ranked liberal arts colleges in the percentage of students it enrolls from the top 10% of their HS classes. In its most recent CDS, Vassar reported 65% from the top 10%, while otherwise comparable LACs commonly fill their classes with more than 80% of students from the top 10% (to the extent that data for class rank is available). This aspect may increase your chances at Vassar relative to your chances at other colleges.

Does this affect me if my high school doesn’t rank???

Thanks so much for your reply :slight_smile:

Yes, in the sense that class rank pertains directly to grades. You may find that the few B grades on your transcript that concern you will not present a barrier for you at Vassar.

In terms of your general picture — experiences, recommendations and essays, and your fine grades included — you seem to be on the right track for Vassar. I think your chances are good, and I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks so much again, that helps a lot!!!