Chances ED at NYU?

<p>Hey, I would really love to know my chances, I'm applying early decision next fall (2005). I'm a 17 yr. old white female from Idaho (will this help that I'm from the middle of nowhere?) :-)</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
Acc. Algebra
Acc. History
Acc. English
Speech/tech reading (req'd)
Yearbook- editor
GPA, 1st sem: 3.7 2nd Sem: 3.8 </p>

<p>Sophmore year:
Acc. Geometry
Acc. english
Acc. Chemistry
Western Civ
1st sem: 4.0 2nd Sem: 3.8 </p>

<p>Junior year:
AP US History
AP English
AP Biology
Yearbook- copy editor
German 2
Pre-calulus </p>

<p>Senior year: This is what I'm taking next year
AP Physics
AP Stats
AP English
AP Euro
German 3
Yearbook- hopefully editor in-chief
Zero hour: AP Econ </p>

-Piano- 13 years
-Soccer- 13 years
-Cello- 6 years
-Bagpipe :-)- 3 years
-Aviation- 2 years
-F/X make-up- 2 years
-Girl scouts- 10 years
-Boise youth radio- 2 years
-Treasure valley TV- 2 years
Member of the youth board
- Small pond film- 2 years
-I'm also working with an independent film company filming behind-the scenes documentarys.
- I'm taking extensive final cut pro classes, and I've gone to various film and writing workshops</p>

-Idaho VA- 2 1/2 years
I might be receiving an award for my volunteering done soon.
-MK nature center- 2 years
-Knock em' dead dinner theatre- 2 years
-Stagecoach theatre- 2 years
-Idaho food bank- 1 year
-Shakespeare festival- during summers
-Race for the cure- annually for five years </p>

<p>Honors and Awards:
-Bronze congressional awards (2004)
-Will finish my silver congressional award next summer
- Artist choice by freshman class
- Most accomplished artist- highest honor by art teacher.
- High school honor roll (9,10, probably 11,12)
- Yearbook editor (9,11)
probably a couple more.... </p>

<p>School clubs/activites
- Film club-(11,12) co-founder, president
- Philanthrophy (9)
- Teen outreach (9) co-founder, President
- Art club (9)
- Key club (10,11,12)
- Honor society (9.12)
- German club (10,11,12) president, class representative
- History club (10,11,12)
- Drama club (11,12) backstage volunteer
- Braves television club (11,12) create morning announcement videos. </p>

<p>Any comments would be great, please be honest! Also, for my admissions I'm sending in a documentary about Charlie Chaplin's modern times, do you think this would be a good choice? I'm also applying for the summer film program at NYU this summer. Thank you again!
also, I haven't taken my SAT's b/c I have to take the new one and I'm taking the ACT in December. Thanks again! Sorry it's so long.</p>

<p>Anyone? Please :-)</p>

<p>You pretty much typed out your transcript with a list of involvement.. we definitely can't make a call without rank or test scores.. people try to downplay their importance but if you get a 25 it will seriously hurt your chances. Sorry for being blunt but we really can't tell.</p>