Chances ED Wharton

<p>SAT1: 1470</p>

Us History 780
Math IIC and Writing taking in Nov(expect good scores)</p>

<p>GPA: 4.6/3.7 attend very competitive well known public school</p>

<p>APs: US History:5 Biology:4, taking Calc BC, Stat, Psych, Physics this yr.</p>

Varsity BBall Co-Captain
Varsity Soccer, did not play this yr due to serious injury
JV Soccer captain 10th grade
Principal's award
Working currently on Eagle project
Over 100 hrs community service
Member Athletes Serving Community
Intern at Forsyth Institute doing clinical research
High Honor Roll 2 yrs, Honor Roll 1 yr</p>

<p>some connections in Penn, may or may not help</p>

<p>yay another boy scout. derr..
hahh get that Eagle project done
i think you have a shot</p>