chances, EDII


<pre><code>* SAT: m580/r800/w720
* SAT IIs: lit720/USH780
* GPA: 4.08/4.00
* Rank: do not rank
* Other stats: AP scores: Lang 5, USH 5

<p>notes: always honors english/history; haven't taken honors math/science since freshman year; no calculus but doubling up on english, taking three history classes both semesters; abysmal at math (b range student)</p>


<pre><code>* Essays: topic (relationship between punk rock and communty activism) isn't mind-blowing or tear-inducing but certainly an excellent summary of my character, values and interests; well-written
* Teacher Recs: very strong! one science, two history, one alumni/history
* Counselor Rec: focuses more on leadership and strength of character but good
* Hook (if any): recurring theme of appreciation for cultural diversity and desire to make a difference in the world


<pre><code>* State or Country: CT
* School Type: public
* Ethnicity: caucasian
* Gender: female

<p>Other Factors:
leadership noteables:
co-president gay straight alliance (12, 11); vp (10)
co-president young democrats (12); vp debate (11)
section editor at school newspaper (12, 11)
captain of field hockey; all-state academic team
commission for children and youth: town govt board appointed by "mayor" (12, 11)
national honor society (12, 11)
student govt: class rep. (12)</p>

<p>General Comments:
excellent on-campus interview
definitely ethically a great fit for the university
applying to CSS at end of freshman year, probably</p>