Chances: Engineering

<p>i am currently a junior (2006), was gonna graduate early, but decided not to</p>

<p>my stats</p>

<p>weighted gpa: 4.5798
unweighted gpa: 3.5943
credits earned: 142.5 (120 to graduate, should have 180 or 190 by graduation)
rank: about 20-25 out of 450
AP's taken: AP physics B (5), Chemistry (5), AP Calc BC, AP stat, AP Biology</p>

<p>SAT II's: math IIc 800, chemistry 740, physics 690
PSAT's sophomore: 72, 65, 61 (math, verbal, writing respectively)
math is surely higher this year, not sure about the others</p>

<p>plan to take AP latin, physics C, programming, and psychology
so basically 9 AP's and all the other academics are honors...
and I took alg/II trig honors as a freshman as an independent study, and I am taking latin III as an independent study</p>

interact & able
peer tutoring (in school)
latin club
National latin exam (summa cum laude)
latin honor society
hunterdon symphony 1st violin 3rd chair (counts as volunteer hours, perform dress rehearsals at senior centers and for mentally disabled)
violin (9 years)
saturday strings was 1st chair 1st violin (also counts for volunteer, play at hospitals and senior centers)
gaming club (chess/pente things of that sort)
intermural hockey (2 years captain of team)
math league (9th place all state as a freshman…)
AMC competition: 99 as freshman, 96 as sophmore
chemistry club (president)
chemistry olympics (5th in state)
science league (chemistry/physics)
model UN
pit orchestra (1st violin)
Debate team
volunteer tutoring (personal) 2 hrs per week</p>

<p>plan to apply to (engineering schools) upenn, MIT, cornell (maybe ED), columbia seas, harvard, princeton, yale, jhu</p>

<p>can u guys tell me if i'm a i.e. a reach, long reach, match... so on</p>


<p>no one??? god damn 10 characters</p>

<p>come on... i'm hangin out to dry :)</p>

<p>anyone??? please???</p>

weighted gpa: 4.5798
unweighted gpa: 3.5943


<p>Wow..what kind of a weighting does your school have for APs lol.</p>

<p>umm... ya know, it's out of 4.33 for regular classes and u add one to the normal gpa for honors and ap's, seeing as i have no college prep courses, my weighted gpa is crazy... :)</p>

<p>oh i should add that an A+ is a 4.33, but they got rid of that system, doesn't matter to me, only had like 3 A+'s</p>

<p>i need ur opinions, if u can't tell already i'm clearly paranoid (not really) just want ur 2 cents</p>