chances, etc.

<p>I'm currently a junior and would like to know which schools I should be looking at, chances, and what I should do to increase my chances. </p>


<p>asian-american female
school: public, 3rd in county (usually 10 or less students end up going to competitive schools each year.. last yr one got into harvard, one stanford)
class rank: 4/367
unweighted gpa: 4.0
weighted gpa: 5.5</p>


<p>-all GT/AP classes when possible
-APs: World History (4), Chemistry (3) <-- should i not sent this?
-Currently taking 5 AP's (calc, us history, english, french, biology)
-senior yr i plan to take 4-5 also
-PSAT from soph yr: 1420 math/verbal, 690 writing
-Not taken SATs or SAT II's, hoping for upper 1400s-low 1500s for SAT and 700+ for SAT IIs</p>


<p>Key club (9, 10, 11<-treasurer), will do next yr
French honor society/French club
National Honor Society
Model UN
school's Literary Art Magazine (10,11)
varsity badminton (10, 11)
All county orchestra in 9th
160 hours volunteering at hospital over summer
writing class at JHU summer programs
piano (10 yrs) </p>

<h2>violin (6 yrs)</h2>

<p>is it possible to get in:
-Johns Hopkins

<p>what should i focus on? i don't have that much leadership and i really don't know how to go about getting one since many positions are more about popularity</p>

<p>i don't know how to stand out..</p>

<p>someone please reply??</p>

<p>you don't stick out, so you have an okay chance at JHU, Cornell, Upenn, and you'll need quite a bit of work to get into columbia along with a stellar essay, brown is going to largely depend on your essay as well</p>