Chances even with low SAT's?

<p>I'm really thankful for anyone who replies and all opinions would be amazing. I have pretty low test scores and am hesitant about applying to UCLA...but I really would like to attend!</p>

<p>Well, Here are my stats:</p>

<p>SATI: 1850 (590cr 600m 660 w; 9 essay) -NOT GOOD!</p>

Us History:680
Lit:530 (YIKES!)</p>

<p>ACT: 30 composite (35eng 27math 32reading 24science 8essay)</p>

<p>AP Tests:
AP Language:4
AP Environmental Science:4</p>

<p>GPA: unweighted:3.9/weighted:4.19
Rank: 14 out of ~300</p>

<p>AP or Honors classes: (grades by semester)
Junior Year:
APUSH ( grades: B and A),
AP Environmental Science (grades: A and A),
AP English 3 (grades: A and A),
Honors Pre-cal (grades: A and A)</p>

AP English 4
AP government and politics/economics
AP Spanish
AP World History
AP Calculus
Honors Physics
(the reason why there are that many more AP's senior year than junior year is because AP Gov and AP World are newly offered courses)</p>

Accounting/Data Analysis/Finance Internship at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (80 hours)
Volunteer at local hospital (~300 hours)
Volunteered for the city (~250-300 hours)
Varsity Tennis
AFS (American Field Studies)
World Village Film Festival
World Without Borders
MAOS Academy (a math and science academy within the school)
NJROTC Honor Guard
NJROTC Physical Fitness Team
NJROTC Drill Team (both with and without arms) </p>

President's Volunteer Service Award
AP Scholar
NJROTC Rank of Cadet Lieutenant Commander (in the running for the highest possible position of Cadet Commander)
300 Hour Award Pin at local hospital
NJROTC Honor Guard XO</p>

<p>Intended Major:
Business or Economics</p>

<p>Again, thank you very much!!</p>

<p>I think you have a decent/mediocre chance of getting accepted. If you are able to, you should seriously try to improve on your SAT/ACT/SAT2.</p>

<p>Not yet. You probably won't get in with just that.</p>

<p>Take the SATs one more time. Hope for 2000 minimum.</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>I got a 1700 SAT and 700ish SATII, but the major thing that I believe got me in was my AP scores that are all 5's (in five subjects) and two 4's (in two subjects) and my essay which I worked on for three months nonstop. Another major thing that will definitely get you in is if you have positions in clubs. I was president and vice president for two different clubs for Junior and Senior year and I started another club too. Showing that you have this kind of initiative is a good thing. The UC system is a holistic process. Don't just look at your SAT scores like my asian parents do all the time. My parents thought with my 1700 I wouldn't even get into a CSU school.</p>

<p>UCLA Freshman Admission Profile Fall 2010
admit rate 22.8%</p>

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