Chances for 8 schools!!!

<p>I would like to see some opinions on my chances to these schools as well as info on how good they are for government and economics:</p>

<p>1.University of Miami (FL)
2.Georgetown University
3.College of William and Mary
4.Washington University (St. Louis)
5.Cornell University
6.Indiana University- Bloomington
7. University of Virginia
8. Brandeis University</p>

<p>White, Jewish, male
5.04 weighted GPA
4.0 unweighted GPA (4.0 scale)
Class Rank: 8 out of 605
SAT I: Verbal- 650, Math- 740
SAT II: World History: 670, U.S. History: 770, Writing: 680
AP: U.S History: 5, World History: 4, Calculus AB: 3, English Language and Composition: 4</p>

<p>Vice President, Political Club
Treasurer (2002-2003) Ebuddies Coordinator (2003-present), Best Buddies
Treasurer, Human Relations Council (HRC)
Academy of Finance
Hebrew High School</p>

<p>rejected at U of Miami, no I'm just kidding, you'll be accepted, I'm pretty sure that's your Safety.</p>

<p>with a 5.04 gpa and being ranked number 8 what does the valedictorian have?</p>

<p>1.University of Miami: IN with scholarship
2.Georgetown University: Either way
3.College of William and Mary: in state:in, out of state: out
4.Washington University (St. Louis): Waitlisted
5.Cornell University: Maybe
6.Indiana University- Bloomington: For sure
7. University of Virginia: same as WM
8. Brandeis University: IN</p>

<p>Wait, 5.04 gpa? how does that work? I mean, even with weight, wouldn't the highest possible gpa be 5.0? I know this has nothing to do with chances, but I'm just curious...</p>

<p>no, becaseu some schools like mine go off a 4.33 system</p>