Chances for a big reach?

<p>Hello, I would like to major in computer science at Georgia Tech, but I don't think I have a chance of getting in. What do you guys think? My school gives seven points for every honors and AP class which is includes in the grades, but I added GT's GPA calculation at the end of each year.</p>

<p>9th grade (1st semester, 2nd):
Honors Algebra: 89, 103
Government/Civics: 97
Honors Lit: 99, 92
French 2: 83, 86
Honors Bio: 94, 94
GT GPA: 3.33</p>

<p>10th grade:
Honors Lit: 89, 90
AP CompSci: 90, 94
AP World History: 94, 93
Honors Chem: 83, 87
Honors French 3: 83, 78
Honors Algebra II: 89, 87
GT GPA: 2.92</p>

<p>11th grade (guessing second semester since not over yet):
Physics: 73, 71
Honors Pre-calc: 77, 78
AP USH: 86, 93
AP Bio: 77, 79
AP Lang: 87, 88
GT GPA: 2.8</p>

<p>That would make the GPA of my first three years 3.02. My SAT score total was 1900, and I don't really have any EC's besides some Beta club. My brother graduated from GT in 2007 in microbiology, I am Iranian, and I am in state, but I'm not sure if any of that helps or not. I have wanted to go there ever since my brother went, but I seriously but no effort in high school because I really hated being there. In my senior year, I am doing dual enrollment at GPC. My classes for this first semester are: Macroeconomics, English 2, Calculus 1, and American Government. Next semester I will take Microeconomics, English 3, Calculus 2, and probably either physics or geology with its lab.</p>

<p>Well.... always keep in mind that you can transfer in Tech. After a year or two at GPC, you can apply for transfer admissions and they will only look at 1) college GPA and 2) classes taken. For CS just make sure that you've completed English I and II, Calc I and II, CS I, and two lab sciences.</p>