Chances for a Broomball athlete!

<h2>Some of these stats are likely predictions for senior year when I apply. Carleton is one of my top choices for college.</h2>

Kansas, Male
Asian-American, upper-middle class
Competitive public high school (sends grads to top schools every year)
Prospective majors: double major in Philosophy and Cognitive Science/Psychology; these are my passions in academics, especially philosophy (my IB Extended Essay is about philosophical zombies). Also, I don't imagine that there are many Asians dying to get philosohy degrees.
Prospective career: Superhero</p>

UW GPA: ~3.7, W GPA: ~4.49
Rank: ~25/490, Top 5-6% (I feel like my GPA/class rank are the weakest part of my app)
Full IB Diploma Candidate, get mostly As with some Bs
SAT: 800 CR, 780 M, 690 W: Composite: 2270 (I'm sure I can break 2300)
ACT: 33 (might go up to 34)
Haven't taken APs/SAT IIs yet</p>

<p>*ECs and Hobbies:<a href="in%20order%20of%20involvement/importance/leadership">/b</a>
1)Cello<a href="9-12">/u</a>
-Symphony Orchestra (School)
-Chamber Orchestra (School)
2)Lacrosse<a href="10-12">/u</a>
3)Youth Soccer Referee <a href="9-12">/u</a>
-U-7 to U-17; Center and AR
4)Philosophy Club<a href="11,12">/u</a>
-Founder and President; lead discussions every week
5)Food Appreciation Club <a href="9,11,12">/u</a>
-President; adminstrative and organizational work
6)Broomball Club<a href="11,12">/u</a>
-Founder and President; explain and organize games. I got the idea for this from Carleton actually (it's still getting going though). But man- what's cooler than playing a sport with *brooms?!
I started playing lacrosse because the idea of running around with sticks highly appealed to me, but I didn't even imagine the awesomeness of those sticks as brooms!
7)Interact <a href="11,12">/u</a>
-Charter Member
8)Recycling Club <a href="11,12">/u</a>
9)Link Leader<a href="12">/u</a>
-Charter Member of the program; help freshman get oriented
10)Weight-Lifting/Bodybuilding <a href="9-12">/u</a>
-Go to the gym a lot and read about lifting techniques, nutrition, etc
11)Soccer <a href="9-12">/u</a>
-Intramural, played on school's team freshman year</p>

<p>100-150 hours of community service, a lot from random things, a lot from recycling. I'll probably do a lot of volunteering this summer.</p>

<p>I don't know if all of these should be put on an app (like bodybuilding), but they're what I enjoy and spend a lot of my time doing. There are some other ECs that I do/have done, but they aren't that significant.</p>

Academic Worldquest Competition (sponsored by International Relations Council) 30th place Nationals
All-District Honors Orchestra (will likely make State next year, after applying)
Orchestra Letter
Philosophy Paper (about zombies!) published in a peer journal</p>

Essays: I imagine they'll be funny, offbeat, and hopefully well written. I also plan to show a lot of interest and how I can contribute to the community, as well my quirkiness. I think I can make this one of the stronger areas of my app.
Recs: I'll have a great one from my TOK teacher, probably decent-good from other teachers/counselor
Interview: I haven't done one yet, but I got a thank you note from my interviewer at WashU, and it mentioned specific things about me (my philosophical endeavors). I don't know if this is standard or not. Anyway, I think I'll have a strong interview.</p>

<p>I don't imagine Carleton recruits Broomball players, but I'm hoping that my other stats are still enough to get me in (I feel like I'd be a good fit for Carleton in terms of personality and stuff). Also, how do Carleton grads fare in the superhero careers?</p>

<p>Haha, you sound very cool! A bit zany, well-rounded, and very interesting. I'm sure Carleton would like that.</p>

<p>I think you have a very strong chance of getting in. Good test scores, great activities, and a penchant for a very Carletonian activity. </p>

<p>I hear that Carleton is a feeder for graduate degrees in superherodom. I'd say it's one of the best schools for that purpose in the country. :)</p>

<p>Since broomball is an intramural sport, no they don't recruit broomball players. But I think you'll be a strong candidate for Carleton - you've got the academics and the unique qualities (food appreciation club? published essay on zombies?) they look for in a student.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I'm sure they would also be most interested in the actual classes you have taken during high school, not just the GPA, Rank and SAT. But, I'm sure those are pretty strong too.</p>

<p>Classes: Rigorous courseload all 4 years (IB). Besides all honors classes and stuff, I've been in Orchestra every year, and did a couple miscellaneous electives freshman/sophomore year like Java and Weights. I don't really think my classes will be a concern though; my courseload has been quite heavy, and matches my interests.</p>

<p>I was joking about being recruited as a Broomball athlete ;)</p>

<p>I wasn't joking about being a superhero though. I'm glad to hear that Carleton has good graduate school placement, but I'm really interested in getting some hands on experience as an undergrad (perhaps as a sidekick?) How's the crime rate in Northfield?</p>

<p>Dude, you'll get in. I had pretty much the same stats. Same extra curriculars (Cello, Lax, Recycling Club, although I had frisbee instead of broomball and fencing instead of soccer)... From midwest...I did some pretty quirky essays (which apparently they liked)... And I got in. Yeah, it's kind of creepy actually...</p>

<p>Crime in Northfield? Well, there was that time Jesse James and his gang tried to rob the bank, but the treasurer of Carleton (who also worked at the bank) refused to open the safe. Sadly, he was not a superhero and he got shot and killed, but the James gang was defeated.</p>

<p>Bump. (10char)</p>

<p>Crime in Northfield...there seems to be an issue with Schiller's Bust being lifted. LOL You can read the campus blotter in the Carletonian each week. Mostly minor things.</p>