Chances for a bunch of schools :)

<p>Some Stats:</p>

<p>SAT I- 2250 (740 CR+760 M+ 750 W)</p>

<p>SAT II- World History 780
Math 2- 760
Physics 780</p>

<p>UW GPA- 4.0 (yay!)
W GPA- not sure</p>

<p>Rank- In top 5% maybe better</p>

5 AP Courses, 4's and 5's on all of them
My school only offers 5 AP's
Taken most rigorous load my school could give me</p>

<p>EC's (not great) :
-Cross Country (9,10,11,12)
-Track (9,10,11,12)
-Debate- Lincoln Douglas (9,10,11,12)
-Key Club (10, 11, 12)
-NHS (11,12)
-Beta Club (11,12)- President 12th
-write for school newspaper occasionally</p>

Some from Key Club and NHS. Not sure of my hours, but pretty dismal.</p>

Several minor awards and a couple major awards for Debate
National Merit Semifinalist
Some writing awards
Honor roll, etc...</p>

<p>About me:
White Male from SC
School not very "competitive", large, rural
Family of 3, income of 80-90k
Probably a Political Science Major</p>

<p>Schools of Choice:
UNC Chapel Hill
American U.
Maryland: College Park
George Washington
University of Virginia
Princeton (haha)</p>

<p>Also, if you could tell me my chances of Merit Aid/financial aid at some of these places, that'd be great!!!! Thanks!!!</p>


<p>Wow, those are some extremely impressive numbers. While I can’t comment on the chances for each school (Because I don’t know what it takes for all of them) I would say that you have a pretty darn good shot at most of them</p>

<p>Thanks! Anyone else?</p>