Chances for a cool guy heh

<p>What are my chances for some schools?</p>

Columbia SEAS

<p>I'll make this pretty brief ask for more</p>

<p>Weighted GPA 4.7ish
UW 4.0
Ranking: School doesn't rank; top 5%, but I'm pretty sure I'm either 1 or 2
SAT 1500 780 Math 720 Verbal
SATII Writing 770 IIC 790 US, Physics, Bio (planning to take, around 750-800)</p>

<p>taken/currently taking AP's (most rigorous courseload possible)
AP Biology, AP Physics C, AP Calculus BC, AP English, AP US, AP Euro (5), AP Statistics (5)</p>

<p>Sports lettered in both
Wrestling JV/V
Track Varsity Pole vaulter and long jumper
Going to start boxing outside</p>

<p>Secretary of Science Club
Communications Chair of Key Club
Vice President/co founder of Young Musicians Club (hoping for president)
AIME qualifier
Wrestling 140 League silver (2 years in a row)
Pomona Mathematics Contest Award
Research for Professor (currently designing/building robots for Swarm theory and writing engineering paper)
teacher for Oriental Mission Church for intercity children (helping them in writing, english, math, science, etc...)
Camp Counselor for OMC Youth Camp
Heal the Bay Water Chemistry volunteer
Young Nak Youth Orchestra second chair
Young Nak Adult Orchestra member
Church sophomore representative</p>

<p>around 400-500 community service hours so far...</p>

<p>great recommendations from teachers</p>

<p>going to write unique/creative/good essays</p>

<p>That's all I could think about quickly</p>

<p>o yeah</p>

<p>Applied for some summer internships </p>

<p>maybe work part time for JPL</p>

<p>theoretically you could get into them all, although each school is really hard to get into and there's always the possibility that you could get rejected from all of them, you're definitely a strong candidate though.</p>

<p>if your rank is 1 or 2 i'd say more likely than not (greater than 50% chance) at duke, northwestern, & cornell.</p>

<p>for the rest, youre in the game. you might get in and you might not (& you'll never know why either). =)</p>

<p>are you not taking the new SAT?</p>

<p>Your math IIC score is good, make sureu do good in physics for MIT.</p>

<p>o yeah</p>

<p>I also attend one of the top public schools in CA</p>

<p>Something weird. We have the smartest Wrestling team in all of Southern CA. heh</p>

<p>There are no guarantees at the top schools. When they are done with the selections, they could throw out everyone that they accepted, start over again with the people that they had denied, and the freshman class would have the exact same characteristics as the first group. It is a crap shoot and for the people with real good stats, it is hard to make predictions. It is an irony that the people with the best stats have to apply to the most schools because it so hard to predict what will happen.</p>