Chances for a friend

<p>SAT:1280 (Low verbal coz she's an international)
ok i know this is low but don't go back yet
SATII: Physics 790, Math 800</p>


<li>She has tons of awards from practically every nationally recognised math/science competition (Maths, chemistry, physics, business maths... you name it and she's got it), all placing her in the top 1%.</li>
<li>She's awesome recommendations from her math teacher and also from her english teacher</li>
<li>She's a true genius (she really is... but I wonder how she can let the adcoms know this hehe ><)</li>

<p>She isn't very involved on an extracurricular level because she only came here year and a half ago.<br>
So, will the low SAT score be too low or can they make an exception for her considering she's won so many natiaonlly recognised awards?</p>

<p>if she's won tons of national awards, then she's definitely competitive... I think the 'tute realizes SAT scores aren't everything and even so can differentiate between scores depending on situations. (woohoo i used diff. in a non-math sentence :P)</p>

<p>Good luck thou!</p>

<p>how is it possible to get a math 800 but an sat I 1280? either way, it makes her stand out... she just needs a good hook</p>


<p>I saw the stats of a kid who got a 1130: 800 M, 330 V from India. IMO and IPhO gold medalist. go figure.</p>

<p>WOW... that's just... just... i'm at a loss for words... is 'wrong' appropriate...? i really shouldn't judge, a lot of people are good with numbers and bad with words... case in point me... i tend to ramble in school, ****ing off a lot of people, making a lot of unnecessary enemies :( however, i did manage a 660 on verbal :)</p>

<p>I hope you people know that internationals are ones that don't have english as their first language... do you have TOEFL score stats? those tend to be more relevant for internationals... (and btw IMO and IPhO gold medalist? IMHO no matter what the stats (although for math and science they should be pretty good, that person should get in unless he is a psycopath/serial murderer)</p>

<p>haha... u never know... those things develop over time</p>