Chances for a Great American Stud

<p>Schools- applying to the college at the following schools except at georgetown, which im applying SFS</p>

<p>Boston College<br>
Boston University<br>
Carnegie Mellon University<br>
College of William and Mary<br>
Columbia University<br>
Cornell University<br>
Duke University<br>
Georgetown University<br>
Pennsylvania State University - University Park
University of Pennsylvania </p>


<p>School Type: Public
Location: Poconos, PA, USA
Race/Gender: White Male-Italian/German/British
Prospective Major: International Relations
Unweighted GPA: 97ish
Class rank: top 4-6% of 510</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT I Math: 750
SAT I Verbal: 690</p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II Writing: Nov 04 (expecting low 700s)
SAT II Math IIC: Nov 04 (expecting 800)
SAT II Physics: Nov 04 (expecting 800)</p>

<p>Long-form Info</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
Junior States of America(4yrs)- Vice President (11th), Political Night Forum organizer (commissioners/supervisor debate), Voter Awareness drive, Relay for life, various fundraisers</p>

<p>Leo's Club(4yrs)-Charter member, Board of Directors (11th), Sight Night (eyeglasses drive-300hrs comm. service), Breakfast with Santa volunteer, various fundraisers</p>

<p>WPCL Math Club(2yrs)- Vice-President (12th) , coordinator of weekly problem review</p>

<p>WPCL Spanish Language Club(2yrs)- President (12th), coordinator of language activities</p>

<p>Math League(3yrs)- 6 out of 200ish (11th)</p>

<p>Spring Challenge(2yrs)- co-captain(11th), 2nd in MVC</p>

<p>Special Olympics Volunteer(3yrs)</p>

<p>Math/English Tutor(3yrs)- 100 hours</p>

<p>Government Intern Program (12th)</p>

<p>Work in dads Construction Company as phone / paperwork handler (4yrs+)</p>

<p>International Open Amateur Poetry Contest Semi-Finalist (12th)</p>

<p>Widener University Mousetrap Competition (12th)</p>

<p>Summer before 10: campaigned for local representative to reform the "school property tax" bill</p>

<p>Summer before 12: Enrolled in Wilkes University Young Scholars Program to take: Macroeconomics and American Government; Attended Spanish Language Camp at Millersville University</p>

<p>Other Info
First Generation College Student</p>

<p>13 Honors Classes by graduation (including AP Calculus (11th); AP English (12th); AP Spanish (12th)</p>

<p>Excellent writer</p>

<p>Some of my favorite books: Love in the Time of Cholera; Paradise Lost; The Ambassadors; Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas; Othello; A Clockwork Orange; The Bluest Eye</p>

<p>Highly Computer Literate </p>

<p>If you could:
1) acess my chances-please
2) i took the SAT 3 times, my current 1440 im getting hand scored ( i made a lot of erasing marks on the October test). If november goes as well as i plan it to, i was thinking of taking the SAT again for a fourth time, i know i can improve by 50 or so points.</p>

<p>Bump Bump Bump</p>

<p>Anyone? Please?</p>

<p>don't bother taking the sats so many times. colleges will see that you've taken them 4 times and the 50 pnts (at least for me) don't seem worth it. They'll think you're simply pushing the grade.</p>

<p>anyone else? any comments on admissions? Please?</p>

<p>Columbia and Upenn will be reaches. The reast are within range - matches.</p>

<p>thanks, i appreciate your comment</p>

<p>my last B U M P</p>