Chances for a Hispanic OOS?

<p>Sex: Male
Race: Hispanic (Puerto Rican) ---> I'm actually the only Hispanic kid in my grade... one of about 3 or 4 Hispanics in the entire school if that matters.
State: New York
Intended Major: History & Buisness
High School Info: One of the best Public High Schools in America. We used to be #11 on the US New Report, but somehow this year we were in the 30s... Every year we send a minimum of 3 kids to Harvard, 2 to Yale... Dozens to Ivys.
Rank: We don't rank, but I'd say top 25%?
Recommendations: Fantastic, one of my strongest points.
1.) English Teacher
2.) Obsolete Currency Dealer I work for.
3.) Curator of Historical Society at Colonial Williamsburg</p>

<p>GPA: 3.3 (Steep upward trend... Freshman year and 8th grade keeping me down)
ACT: 31 -> Taking again. Hoping for 32+
SAT: 2020 (680 CR, 670 M, 670 W) -> Taking again. Hoping for 2100+
SAT II: Literature, Math I, American History (Scores on 29th, expecting 700+ on all)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars / Leadership
- Varsity Wrestling Captain
- President of Symphony Orchestra
- Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee Team
- Captain & Co-Founder of the Badminton team
- Captain & Co-Founder of the Footbag (hacky sack) team
- Principle Bassist (1st chair) of Symphony Orchestra
- Principle Bassist of Chamber Orchestra
- Principle Bassist of Stage Band</p>

<p>-Volunteered with my brother (a peace core volunteer) for three weeks during summer of 08 teaching English to people in a poor Costa Rican village. Also did farm work.</p>

<p>-Volunteered with the Student Conservation Association restoring Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest. Stayed, camping outside, for three weeks rebuilding the curtilage fence, which is now a permanent exhibit. (Connection to Jefferson and Virginia?)</p>

<p>Other: I'm also heavily involved with Numismatics (coin & currency collecting). I work for a currency dealer, trusted with tens of thousands of dollars of notes and coins. I also have done several lectures at local coin clubs.</p>

<li>3x recipient of American Numismatic Association Young Numismatist Scholarship. Full ride, including air fare to the ANA Summer Seminar at Colorado College.</li>

<p>I would really love to go to UNC. My brother was accepted with a full scholarship, but turned it down to go to Duke. </p>

<p>Could I get into UNC?</p>

<p>Could anyone help me out?</p>

<p>All I can say is that you're going to be going up against student with much higher GPAs and test scores. (I can't really say anything because I'm applying as well, but the GPA just jumps out at me)</p>

<p>All your ECs are good, but your test scores are low for OSS, and your GPA (assuming it is unweighted) is low even for an instate student.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if the scores above are also low for Uva OOS? Sorry it's a little off topic since this is the UNC forum.</p>