Chances for a hs junior. I will chance back :)

<p>So im a junior in a small NY school, last quarter my GPA was a 92, which I think is a 3.6 or 7 out of 4.0 The quarter before I had a 94 GPA. My GPA for HS has steadily been around 91. </p>

<p>-I havent taken my SAT yet and I thought I would do much better but I only got a 1650 on my PSAT but hopefully with the Prep Courses from my school that ive been taking and studying and practicing, I can get to a minimum of an 1800</p>

<p>-My school doesnt give a weighted GPA or Class Rank </p>

<p>-I took AP World last year, this year im taking APLIT, AP Spanish Lang, and APUSH. Next year im planning on taking AP Economcs and AP English Lang. So that would be a total of 6 Ap's </p>

<p>-I am the President of one school club, im a member of a few other ones including Amnesty Int. and Drama Club. Once the National Honor Society has its inductees for this year since I had above a 90 gpa i will be in that too...</p>

<p>-I used to be the VP of a group outside of school that was youth owned and operated and dealt with getting teens involved with our community and town politics</p>

<p>-For work experience I had a full time job last Summer where I worked over 45 hours a week in a kitchen</p>

<p>Where do you think I realistically have a chance of getting into because im stumped. I really dont know what kind of field I want to go into and we really dont have a lot of money as it is and I have a twin brother so thats 2X the money. I want to stay in this general East region, my dad lives in VA so I can go insate to NY and VA if that helps. Thanks so much, I will chance back :)</p>

<p>Well, you can get into most state colleges with those stats, but I can't appropriately chance you for anything because you have not specified where ! If you are hoping for Ivy League, I would think that your 6 APs, 1800 SAT , and your extracurriculars would not be enough. I recommend you go to the following website: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Select the region you wish to go to college in, and choose the amount of tuition you would like to pay, or how much financial aid you would want to receive. I'm sorry if I didn't help !</p>

<p>Well with your stats I'd say you're pretty much in at all the SUNYs except for maybe Binghamton which I would consider a match but not an automatic "in". VA wise, Vtech if you're thinking about engineering is a GREAT school (and I'm totally unbiased, I don't have any family members who went there) but it is pretty big. I agree with thiruvin000 that you should check out
Best of luck!
Chance me back?
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<p>Well I think that of all the SUNY's the I would want to go to Geneseo the most, since based on rankings and what I have been told by my school and by other people, that has the best programs. I would hope that I could get into there, I just hate the idea of me being limited to a select amount of schools because of my financial situation... Ex: I would love to go to American and even though I can get in state, even if I did get in, and I got F.A and scholarships, it would still cost so much money</p>

<p>You're into SUNYs but idk about Vtech. UVA is a reach. Good luck!</p>

<p>You have a good chance at many SUNYs but I wouldn't say you are in at all of them - Geneseo's median GPA was 93 last year so while you are close, you are a little bit below it. If you keep your GPA higher for the rest of junior year and senior year, you'll have a better chance.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> Here's my page, if you wanna chance me back.</p>

<p>Here's a website where you can input your details and you can see which colleges might look good for you: College</a> Search, Scholarships, College Admissions Chances - Cappex</p>

<p>Input your GPA/SAT or ACT/Activities/etc, then look up a college. They'll show a scatter plot of students who got accepted and didn't attend (in blue), students who got accepted and DID attend (in green), students who got waitlisted (in yellow), and students who got denied (in red). The website also has a 'chance' bar, giving their best prediction to whether or not the certain school you searched for is a reach, match, or a backup.</p>

<p>You might even consider taking the ACT too, if you'd like. It's much easier, considering they don't dock off points for guessing and the questions (Especially in the reading section) compared to the SAT are much easier. So you may consider that too :)</p>

<p>Schools on the other hand do like AP students a lot. Same with students who get out and volunteer for their community. I think you'd be well qualified for some good schools. Good luck!</p>

<p>you should be fine for all SUNYs. Bing might be a reach so I'd recommend retaking the SATs. UVa is a definite reach so you def need to increase those scores and keep it up.
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