Chances for a not-so-good test taker.

<p>This is for a friend of mine...</p>

<p>Female (Asian Indian)
WGPA: 4.4
UGPA: 3.98 (1 B ever)
Rank: 7/733</p>

Math: 690
Reading: 590
Writing: 580
Total: 1860</p>

<p>Not going to go into EC's in detail, but they are def good. 1 national runner-up for a science award, helped treat patients in India in an internship-ish thing, Varsity track, club soccer, etc.</p>

<p>She will retake...which could be anywhere from 1900-2100.
But w/ the 1860 what are her chances at UCs & other schools (she wants to do bio i guess. any ideas?)</p>

<p>UCSD seems like a good fit.</p>


<p>UCLA/UCB: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match
UCD/UCSB/UCI: Safe Match
UCSC/UCR/UCM: Safety</p>

<p>Any chance at bigger name schools? Cornell? Northwestern? Chicago? Michigan? (any other recommendations outside of UC's?)</p>

<p>bump...any more?</p>

<p>Not too good of a chance at "the bigger name schools" unless a URM.</p>

<p>Asian Indian isn't URM is it? It might be over-represented... =/</p>

<p>bump. anyone else?</p>