Chances for a pessimist

<p>Let's see if your responses make me even more pessimistic. All responses are appreciated. Thank you!</p>

Asian female attending uber-competitive public high school in TN. </p>

Carnegie Mellon
Penn Wharton

<p>SAT: 2320
800 CR
750 Math
770 W</p>

<p>ACT: 35</p>

<p>GPA: 3.92 UW, 4.8 W</p>

<p>Will have more than 12 APs
Current AP Scores: two fives, two fours, expect five more fives after this year.</p>

DECA state officer
DECA nat'l involvement
local DECA president
speech team captain
scientific research at university
science club
beta club
gold key </p>

<p>ISEF finalist this coming May
Other state/regional science fair awards
Numerous national DECA awards
Speech league awards
Journalism awards
Regional piano awards
High scores on the National French Contest</p>

<p>You make the super competitive ivy bound friends of mine look laughable.</p>

<p>^I agree with that assessment.</p>

<p>You have about the best chances you can possibly have.</p>

<p>Just make sure not to make the Tufts/WashU schools feel like they're your safety net for the Ivies, and you should be right in line for likely acceptance anywhere.</p>

<p>no community service?</p>

no community service?


Summer / part time job?

<p>Of course, you already have quite an amazing list of accomplishments there. The above are only suggestions to give you an even better edge.</p>

<p>NHS and Beta are both community service organizations at my school, so I assumed that they would indicate service involvement.</p>

<p>As for summer jobs, I've only had one that involved compiling info for a research database.</p>

<p>I also played field hockey, but wasn't too serious about it. Wasn't varsity caliber, that's for sure!</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses, although I don't consider my resume to be very impressive at all. Winning anything at ISEF in May is questionable, and the only thing that will set me apart from the myriad Asian applicants is probably my leadership credentials and heavy involvement in DECA. </p>

<p>Do you think my geographic location will give me a bit of an advantage over say, an Asian applicant from New York or California? I have lived in Kentucky and Tennessee throughout high school.</p>

<p>haha here's what you should have said at the top: let's see if this post will make you readers any more pessimistic!!!
you have nothing to worry about, you seem pretty well rounded. and like you said, your geographic location might give you a slight advantage (although its not like you're coming from alaska or new mexico or someplace quite as rare)</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>Why are you so pessimistic?</p>