Chances for a physics major

<p>Right, well this is just your typical chances post. Looking to find out what you guys think my chances are at getting in for physics.</p>

SAT: 1470 (770 verbal 700 math)
SAT II: 750 iic, 730 physics, 710 bio, 700 writing
GPA: unweighted 3.8, weighted 4.2 (4.0 scale)
AP's taken: physics, u.s. history, calc ab, economics, government, english, chemistry
Essay and Recs will be good (this is not baseless, have had AP eng teacher and multiple other critiques on my essay)</p>

-Volunteer Internship at Cooper Union; worked with 2 graduate mechanical engineers on projects for Con Edison
-National Merit Commended Scholar
-Art Honor Society (President)
-International Society of Poets; Publication and Editor's Choice
-Olympics of the Visual Arts; 2nd place finish in group drawing competition (statewide)
-Appearence in C.W. Post Art Exhibit
-2 years work experience at Staples ~20 hours/week
-News Editor for Edge Network (
-Various volunteer activities; breast cancer walks, multiple sclerosis walks, senior citizen luncheons, etc.
-random other things; NHS, principal's list 4 years, art department award</p>

<p>One of my friends got in as a physics major at cornell with lower scores than all of yours and no particularily outstanding ec's, but he wrote an essay about greek dancing. So I don't think any of your scores (not that that they're bad) will stop you from being a good candidate because i doubt they consider majors too much in admissions. They anticpate you to change them anyways. I think the essays are much more important than your intended major.</p>