Chances for a prospective applicant

<p>Ok so I know UCs don't look at freshman year and I'll be the first to tell you I royally tried to do absolutely nothing that year. I
Freshman Year:
First Sem: 3.00 Second Sem: 2.833 C-/D in Spanish 2
Sophmore Year:
First Sem: 3.429 Second Sem: 3.677 D/C- in Chemistry
(I plan on taking Spanish and Chemistry at a local community college over the summer of senior year by the way.)
My Spanish teacher prevented me from taking Spanish 3 Sophmore year and my retard Counselor put me in her CLASS AGAIN second semester Sophmore year and again I had to drop the teacher after I had requested not to be in her class. In my Chem class a good 33% ended up with Ds or lower. No excuse whatsoever for me though.
This year my schedule is
US History 1+2
Spanish 3
3-D Art
Honors English</p>

<p>Next year schedule for Senior Year
AP Stats for sure
AP Lit for sure
Honors Physics for sure
AP Econ (If i get in)

<p>Do I get .1 from Honors English or is it more on GPA Junior year? I think I can definitely pull a 4.1 IF I drop Spanish and TA for a teacher. I may also try to transfer into Spanish 2 I really feel I can pull a solid A in all my other classes. Yet, I just can't take Spanish anymore. It ****es me off to the extent where I just think of the teacher I had freshman year. I think my Spanish 2 teacher has talked to my current Spanish 3 teacher about me being in Spanish 3 after asking the Spanish 3 teacher to tutor me where my friends have praised over and over for tutoring them sand she declined saying I need to work harder. I mean honestly I don't understand why my Spanish 2 teacher has it so out for me. I think the best grade I can pull in Spanish 3 is a B or even a C. B's right now are unacceptable for me I am pulling upward trend only.</p>

<p>Now for SAT's I've been working took a class over the summer and am taking a practice 3.75 hour test weekly and I think I can get a 2050 if I set my mind to it. My current score right now is 1750 with no practice whatsoever except for listening to people at the summer class sometimes half awake. Keep in mind my first score was 1500 in the class. I think if I start studying an hour a day until May I and with the daily tests I can pull in a 2050 with ease. I mean I find Math to be harder than Critical Reading/Writing. Now that's just weird. Once I get a Geometry tutor for SAT purposes only I can pull my Math from 580 to 700.</p>

<p>So my question to those who have very kindly read my thread is that can I drop Spanish 3 for TA? I am going to take Spanish at a local CC probably. I will also make up Chemistry there. Will this also help me out with Ds? I mean can I transfer the credits for it and I am thinking about even going down to Spanish 2 again.. God help me! I also suffered emotional distress from the December 2k4 Tsunami. </p>

<p>Community college is no option for me.
Thanks for the time!</p>

<p>I can't comment on your chances, but have you looked into retaking the second semester of Spanish 2 online? When you receive a grade of a "D" or lower and you retake a class, the UCs count only the second grade in computing your GPA. BYU (among others) offers an inexpensive online course in Spanish 2. Passing it will enable you to take Spanish 3 at the CC this summer. But you won't be able to take Spanish 3 ANYWHERE until you make up that "D". Passing Spanish 2 is ALWAYS a prerequisite for Spanish 3. Don't blame your teacher or your counselor!</p>

<p>As far as the chemistry, since it's a lab course, it's my understanding that the UCs won't accept an online course as a makeup. But don't assume that you can make the course up at a CC. I know our local CC won't allow high school students to take any class in which they earned a grade lower than a "C". You'd better look carefully into this. Does your school offer summer school, or is there a local private high school where you can makeup class? If not, you should be retaking the first semester NOW.</p>

<p>As far as TA ing - one thing you could do is TA for the Spanish 3 class while you take your Spanish 2 makeup class online. This will help you with your Spanish, and give you a leg up should you choose to take Spanish 3 this summer or next year. You realize, of course, that the grade in any course you TA won't count toward your UC GPA.</p>

<p>I would suggest that you sit down for a long session with your counselor to talk about your options.He/she can tell you if you get the GPA bump from the honors English class - at our school, it's only AP English that gets the added points.</p>

<p>My daughter is in a situation similar to yours, and is trying hard to make up for a lackluster freshman and sophomore year. Keep that upward trend going! and good luck...</p>