chances for a (relatively) low standardized test taker

<p>ED to SEAS (hopefully enviro engineering)
Indian Female from NJ in highly competitive magnet school</p>

<p>SAT 1410 (710 m 700 v)<br>
750 on math 2c
740 writing
660 chemistry</p>

<p>taken AP classes since freshman year, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, US hist, calculus BC, english, spanish</p>

<p>Year long Research project: has to do with effects of ultrasound on enzymes in body</p>

<p>Part of internationally renowned dance school. Have gone to england, belgium, hollannd, india, switzerland, canada, all over states</p>

<p>lots of comm service (mostly with dance)
One amazing rec, one "good" one</p>

<p>great essay</p>

<p>Female thing definetely it or not...hehe =)</p>

<p>There are few absolutes in guessing chances at a selective program like SEAS. The SATs won't make the adcom sit up and take notice, but they shouldn't cause you to be thrown into the reject pile, either. I think you'll get a good look, and you'll have to hope that an amazing rec + a cool research project + the rest of your package pull you through. Good luck, rp123.</p>

<p>thanks so much guys......i am crossing my fingers</p>

<p>do you think rank 10/246 is mediocre for seas applicants?</p>

<p>wow, i think you have a good chance... you sound pretty unique to me, especially with the dance thing. have you won many awards?</p>