Chances for a southerner

<p>White female from Tennessee
My high school can most likely be considered the best public high school in the south not including magnet schools</p>

<p>possible majors:History, English, or Political Science
possible minors:Spanish, Latin American Studies, Economics
(don't worry, I'm not going to try to do all of them)
after college: either law school,grad school, or business school</p>

<p>GPA: 3.73 (unweighted)/4.1 (weighted)
class rank:most likely top 10%
I will have taken 9 AP classes, 6 honors classes, and 4 years of foreign language.</p>

<p>ACT: 30 (33 reading/30 math/29 english/26 science)
SAT II:US History 670
Does Macalester require SAT II's?</p>

<p>high school schedule:
Geometry Honors-B
English Honors-A
Health Class-A
Spanish 1-A</p>

<p>sophomore (definately weakest part of my application)
Spanish 2-B
Alg 2/Trig-A
Orchestra Honors-A
English Honors-A
World History honors-B
english/history is a team-taught class that is arguably the hardest at my
high school including AP classes</p>

<p>junior year
AP US History-A
AP Physics B-B
AP Junior English-A
US Government-A
AP Micro Economics-A
Spanish 3-A</p>

<p>senior year schedule
AP Senior English
AP Calculus AB
Gym(required to graduate)
AP Macro Economics
AP Environmental Science
AP Modern European History
Spanish 4, Honors</p>

<p>also, my Biology/Chemistry classes are now considered "honors" so will Macalester take that into consideration?</p>

Karate (1996-present)
training for 12 years
Second degree black belt:10/06
Nationally Certified Assistant Instructor Certification: 12/04
I teach both children/adults every week
Presidents Vision Tour Committee senior member
Head of 117th Regional Black Belt testing committee
2006 National Championship:
2nd place in two divisions
scoring/timekeeping committee
2005 Regional Championships:
3rd place in one division
Judging committee
Rotaract (2004-present)
Head of Habitat for Humanity project chair-2006/2007
Relay for Life project chair-2006
RYLA nominated leadership conference participant-2006
Project Committee member-2005
various other projects I've been apart of
Student Council(2005-present)
Head of a committee, member of another committee
Homeroom Representative
Orientation tour guide since sophomore year
School Newspaper(2004-2005)-it was a class, could only fit it in one year
Sports Editor
TN HS Press Association award for feature article
National Honor Society member & tutoring/speaker committee member
400+ hours of volunter work by time of graduate (Presidents Gold Award)
Girls Club for two summers,then Animal Shelter,then juvy law group
Distinguished Spanish 1 Student award</p>

<p>The teachers doing my recommendations know me very well(one teacher I had freshman/junior year, the other I had sophomore/junior year) so I'm sure they'll be excellent.</p>

<p>53 views and no posts....please your input is much appreciated!</p>

<p>It's not likely that any of the viewers would have a very informed opinion on an applicant's chance at Mac. It would be more helpful to you to click on the "Stats Profiles" link in the left-hand column, and then search the stats profiles that were left by applicants for the Class of 2011. You'll want to select Mac in the window at the right of the page, and then you'll see all of last year's CC posters who applied to Mac, what their stats were like, and how they fared in the admissions process. Also, if you'll visit, you can see the accepted student profiles and key admissions factors for any college.</p>

<p>If you look at Mac's website you can answer your own question about SAT II's. You can also run your stats on the Collegeboard site and see how you stack up. Your ACT score is right in the middle of the middle 50% of accepted applicants.</p>

<p>Maybe 2 SAT2 tests are required.</p>

<p>Macalester does not require any SATII tests but will consider them if submitted.</p>

<p>Thanks guys...i talked to a mac admissions counselor through e-mail and one is actually coming to my school in a couple weeks....</p>