Chances for a transfer student for Fall 2020?

I’m currently a freshman at a community college and am applying for transfer for Fall 2020, but will be requesting to defer to Spring 2021. My GPA in high school was a ~96 (4.0) and am currently getting all As in my college courses (GPA hasn’t been calculated yet; some of my classes haven’t entered grades). I’ve emailed multiple times with questions, attended an information session (not including one in high school initially), and am planning on visiting in a couple of weeks. I am applying for financial aid and have a fairly strong resume, with several extracurriculars pertaining to the field I want to study.

However, I was wondering if the fact that I am applying for financial aid and will be requesting to defer a semester will hurt my chances at all?

I’m not in Admissions, but I think I can safely say that requesting financial aid is not a deal breaker. And wanting to arrive in Spring might actually be in your favor. It seems like Spring admits have a slightly easier time due to the lack of competition.