Chances For A White Male From Connecticut

<p>My GPA is 3.2 unweighted and 3.3 weighted. I've taken one honors class and one AP class, and I am taking two AP classes next year. Superscored (two tests), my SAT is 1370/2030. My best SAT in one sitting was 1330/1990. My class rank is going to be somewhere from 25%-35% when I graduate. I play drums in a band that plays at places in my town (we recently played at our town's fireworks), I started the political science club at my school, and I volunteered to help coach my sister's softball team and logged 24 hours. I've played intramural basketball all three years and intramural volleyball my junior year. I've also done a few other things (playing with my band at Relay for Life, etc.). My family's estimated EFC is 37,000. Please help me out. </p>

<p>Also, would I receive any financial aid?</p>

<p>Thanks very much in advance.</p>

<p>You're in.</p>