Chances for acceptance- fall of 2011!

<p>While researching schools recently Florida State really caught my eye. I'm planning on majoring in Sports Administration and FSU is one of only a handful of schools that has a comprehensive Sports Admin. program. I know the downfall of my resume is my GPA but I was wondering what you think my chances would be? </p>

<p>GPA: 3.0-3.2 (depending on how I finish this year)
SAT: 1920 composite, 1280 without writing
ACT: 31</p>

<p>Honors: english 9 & 10, biology, chemistry, geosystems, world history I
AP's: world history, US history, psychology, env. science, euro. history, government, literature</p>

<p>EC's: 4 years varsity basketball, 3 years varsity tennis, 2 varsity volleyball, 2 varsity football manager, 4 years yearbook staff (2 years editor), started breast cancer awareness club and served as president, 6 years club tennis captain, 4 years of vol. work at U.S. Customs and Borders Protection</p>

<p>I was diagnosed with ADD in late March and have been put on medication that has shown amazing results in my studies. I'm not sure if this is something I should mention on my application but I was just wondering if it would have an impact?</p>

<p>Hey! Your gpa is a little low- is that weighted or non-weighted? But your test scores are great!!! Are you instate or out of state? Because I think it's harder to get in if you're out of state. The gpa really is the only thing that would be holding you back, but your scores and ec's are so fantastic that I don't think it would affect your chances of being accepted- maybe would affect getting into the honors program.
And I'm not sure about the ADD thing, I'm sorry. :( But good for you for already looking into colleges and preparing your resume. Just remember to apply for early decision. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Thank you so much! :) Sadly, it is my weighted GPA. I'm out of state, Northern Virginia, but for some reason or another lots of Southern schools tend to favor applicants from my area. Our school system is one of the top in the country so normally we're given some benefit of the doubt? Haha. And our grading scale is pretty harsh compared to others nation wide as well. These are all just things I have heard though and I HOPE HOPE HOPE they are true! </p>

<p>I'm not looking to enter the honors program and financial aid would be nice, but not necessary. I'm really just looking for acceptance. Would I better my chances with early decision?</p>

<p>The bottom quartile for 2010 freshman was 3.5. You have a 3.2 GPA, which is significantly below the bottom quartile. As an out of state student you want your stats to at least be in the 50 percentile of incoming freshman. The top quartile for SAT is 1930 and you have a 1920 so for all intents and purposes you are in the top quartile for your SAT. However, Admission committees values GPA more than SAT. Your ACT is above the top quartile (29). Your schedule is fairly rigorous, but not rigorous enough to justify a 3.2 weighted GPA. Your ECs are great. The upward trend will def. play a significant role in admissions. Overall, I would give you a 35% chance of getting in because for an OOS student being significantly below bottom quartile for GPA is a MAJOR drawback and FSU admission officers are not too excited about lowering their admission statistics, especially for OOS students. Everything else is great, but, and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, your GPA will most likely be your downfall. UNLESS you take online classes or summer courses to boost that GPA to at least bottom quartile or close.</p>

<p>Delta3girl, I am also from Northern Virginia. Every year my school comes out with a list of how many people applied to each school, with the average GPA and SAT/ACT that got accepted. The class of 2010 list has yet to come out, but according to the list for the class of 2009, the average GPA to get accepted was around a 3.1 (3 people applied and 2 got in). I was VERY shocked about this considering that is NO WHERE near the stats FSU usually admits, so I went to ask our college counselor to double check to see if there was a mistake. She checked, and according to her there was no mistake! I am still a little skeptical as to whether or not it is true because it seems so far fetched...but who knows. </p>

<p>You are right--NOVA (especially Fairfax County) is considered to be one of the best school systems in the Country, and we even have the best public school (according to USNEWS) in the US, TJ. This year, 3 people from my school are going to FSU, and I know one student has around a 3.6 (weighted), I have close to a 4.0 (weighted), and the other around a 3.4/5 (weighted). There was however a girl who applied who had decent test scores (around a 1750 SAT) with a 3.7 weighted GPA who applied during the second application round, and she did not get in. </p>

<p>If you are very serious about applying to FSU, DEFINITELY apply during the first application round! Regardless of whether the 3.1 story is in fact true or not (I guess we'll never know!), your GPA is still on the low side. Your test scores however are excellent, and everything else is great as well! I would definitely write an essay explaining your ADD situation.</p>

<p>Good luck!! I'd love to have another Northern Virginian at FSU :)</p>

<p>if not for fall they could accept you for summer...</p>

<p>Ahhh haha yes I'm from Fairfax County:) The lists for my school are smiliar as well! No one applied from the 09 class but 4 from 08 with GPA's ranging from 2.9 to 4.2 and all of them were accepted. Do you know if an interview is at all possible? AND an upward trend is very very noticible. It's my consistently weak grades in math courses that have brought my GPA down and maybe admissions officers will spot that and realize that aside from that subject area I'm a bright student haha</p>

<p>You're from fairfax? I was born there! I'm actually from loudoun. :)
Don't give up hope. I personally think that if you do really well senior year that you could get in. Maybe apply to start in the summer. I applied in August of last year and was deferred in December because of my test scores. I took the SAT/ACT 6 more times, and finally got accepted in March. If you show that you are really interested and are really trying, it definetly helps. That's what one of the admissions representatives told me when I was worried about not getting in. I mean, you're obviously a very smart and involved girl, I know you can do it. :)</p>

<p>My qualifications were exactly the same as yours give or take a few AP/Honors & a lot less EC's. I was accepted on a 25 ACT & 2030 SAT, 3.3 GPA, & 3 Yr. Graduate. So I would say yes, you have a good chance. Also I was accepted Fall.</p>

<p>Seems like it's not possible to apply for fall 2011 yet. how did you apply?</p>

<p>I'm from NOVA (Prince William County) and I got in with a 3.8 weighted GPA and a 1780 SAT. My extracurricular activities were there but there weren't many. Your GPA is bringing you down but I wish you the best of luck!</p>

<p>applications go live online in early to mid August.</p>