Chances for acceptance to the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt)?

Hello all,

I have been super anxious about my chances at the University of Pittsburgh. It is my top choice ever since I visited, and I would like to get an idea of what my chances of admissions are. Here are my stats:

ACT: 29 Composite (30 superscore). I took the September 9th ACT and that score may go up. If not, 29 it is.

GPA: 4.111 weighted. School does not rank, but I believe I’m in the top 25%.

Notable extracurriculars I mentioned in my essays: National Honor Society Vice President, Varsity Tennis Team Captain

Many honors and AP classes, I have been in 3 AP Classes so far, and I am in 5 AP classes currently in senior year.

I understand my ACT is a little low, but I don’t think it accurately represents me as a student. Hoping it goes up. Anyone think I have a good shot? I am pressing submit today on my application, so I am pretty sure that is considered early.

What is your intended major?


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@koshercowribs Remember Pitt does not superstore the ACT. I am not familiar with the Pre-Med program but my guess is you would need to bring up the ACT score and have taken plenty of Math and Sciences and done well in High School. Good Luck

@koshercowribs : Pre-med is not a major.

@Muad_dib i know it isn’t technically, but when asked on the application what my intended field of study was, Pre-Med was an option.

I’m no expert, but I think your chances are very good for the School of Arts and Sciences.

@koshercowribs if it’s any help, I received an acceptance into the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences yesterday:
3.6 GPA
27 ACT
8 Honors Classes and 2 AP’s

I applied Undecided, however I hope that makes you feel a bit better.

@aid213 congrats man! Hoping I get that acceptance letter as well!

@koshercowribs Have you checked the Pitt mobile app?

@aid213 I just applied yesterday so I don’t have a login yet

@aid213 3.6 is weighted or unweighted ?just curious to know as my D has similar waiting and nervous.

@sulu weighted. However I applied within the first two days the application was released and I am an instate student.

@aid213 .Thanks for the info. we will wait with fingers crossed hoping to hear some good news soon

Just got my ACT score back from September 9th. Not a lot of improvement, moved to a 30 from the 29. Chances go up?

Hey guys! Just got the buttons turned earlier today! Hoping for the email soon!

@aid213 How long did it take you to hear back?

If it helps I was admitted to the school of arts and sciences with a 3.2 weighted GPA and 1190 SAT.

@ymagendzo I just saw your post. My son has the same stats as you and loves Pitt. Thank you for posting. It gives us hope! Did you have many honors or AP classes? What other schools did you get accepted to?