Chances for Admission, Fall 2012

<p>GPA: 4.0 uw / 4.065 w
Class Ranking: 33/601
ACT: 35
AP Score: 5 - Comp Sci</p>

<p>National Merit Semi-Finalist
National Latin Exam: Gold Medal (10th grade), Silver Medal (9th & 11th grades)</p>

<p>Boys Scouts - Eagle Scout
High School Hockey Club (not a varsity sport in NE) - Grades 9-12
Academic Team Omaha HS Hockey League - Grades 9-11
High School Lacrosse Club (not a varsity sport) - Grade 10
Latin Club President - Grade 12</p>

<p>Volunteered as a Camp Counselor at Boy Scout Summer Camp - Grade 9
Went to Summer School after grade 10</p>

<p>AP Courses: Comp Sci, Calc BC, Euro History, Latin, & Japanese.</p>

<p>Your GPA and test score are amazing, but your EC's are NOT at ALL spectacular...</p>

<p>no offense...</p>

<p>Hey I'm a Gold Award Girl Scout! and stanford's my first choice...but anyway, what's your intended major? It's a bit difficult to tell from your ECs, so in your essays you might want try to unify your ECs. Scores and awards are good, but ECs are unspectacular. Focus on what they meant to you in your essays.</p>

<p>I'm sorry, since when was being an Eagle Scout not spectacular?</p>

<p>I guess it depends what he did...some eagle scouts I know did hardly anything to get their award.</p>

<p>Plan on majoring in comp sci. For my Eagle Project I lead volunteers in rebuilding & building new picnic table @ a state park.</p>

<p>Kidding? Picnic table?
Stanford seems to particularly like kids with a sense of "get up and go," the vision and energy to do more than what's put in front of them, some concern for the impact of their activities, a willingness to be challenged and some commitment over time to actually, directly helping others. Applicants for CS can be mighty competitive, in this respect. No math-sci activities or competitions?</p>

<p>Lookingforward, if you are typical of the elitist, arrogant attitude of Stanford, well then, Stanford can pound sand....</p>

<p>OP, if you can't pull it together, you can't. No judgment. Why not take my thoughts as valid advice, some need to rethink how to present yourself? This is a tippy top U we're talking about. You note no clubs, no math-sci activities, no academic competition ex Latin (which is individual, not a team effort.) No leadership outside Latin Club (and no indication this is more than a title.) A 9th grade summer counseling job is not what S (or an Ivy) would consider a commitment to vol work or comm service. Your competition will have those. Eagle Scout impresses some adcoms and not others. Depends on the "whole."</p>

<p>Your answer to me belies a little 'tude of its own. Or, troll?</p>

<p>^ what a dip...</p>

<p>you have great stats, but I'd say unlikely for stanford. how are essays?</p>

<p>Hell yea for Eagle Scouts! Waiting to hear back from nationals for my application. For better or for worse, the reliance of volunteers in the BSA makes each road to Eagle vastly different.</p>

<p>Nothing wrong with being an Eagle Scout - it is admirable. I think the point is that there are lots of Eagle scouts, just as there are lots of yearbook editors and class presidents out there. They can't all go to Stanford. They need something more to set them apart - even if it's attitude and a winning personality as demonstrated through essays. GPA is also very admirable, however a rank of 33 with a 4.065 weighted might mean that students at your school are not taking many AP/IB classes or not doing well in them if they are. I would expect rank to be lower with those stats just based on experience with D's school. They will want to know more about the curriculum offered and how well you have taken advantage of it.</p>