Chances for an applicant this year...need honest opinions

<p>GPA: 4.56 W/4.0 UW
Rank: 3/500
Asian Female Immigrant from China </p>

<p>Senior Courseload:
AP Government
AP Microeconomics
AP Spanish
AP English
AP Calculus BC
AP Biology</p>

<p>AP Scores: US History-5, Psychology-5, Calc AB-5, Chem-4, Physics B-3 </p>

<p>SAT: 2200 (CR: 760, M: 720, W: 720)
SAT II: 800 Math II, 770 Literature, 710 US History
ACT: 33 (M: 36, R: 35, E: 34, S: 27..ouch..)</p>

-PIANO-winner of international, national, state piano competitions. Guest soloist with five symphonies. Part-time music student at local university under full merit scholarship.
-Youngest member by audition of the university choir
-Student Government: Class president for three years
-National Honor Society
-Academic Decathlon
-Volunteer at local senior home and give solo recitals in various senior homes throughout the city.</p>


-Nominee: Presidential Scholar in the Arts (one of 50 nominated throughout nation)
-Silver Award:NFAA (National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts) youngARTS Awards. There were over 8000 applicants this year. NFAA also invited me to NYC this year for performance in addition to youngARTs week in Miami.
-Winner of an international competition (confidential)
-One of 20 semi-finalists in an international competition chosen from hundreds of contestants all over the world
-1st prize in four concerto competitions
-Finalist in a national competition in NYC
-Accepted to summer music academies in NY and France from applicants internationally ages 18-32.
-1st prizes in competitions and solo performances throughout my state</p>

-Goldman Sachs Youth Prize (national)
-AP Scholar w/Distinction
-Semi-finalist: toyota community scholar
-Third and Fourth Overall places in Academic Decathlon Regional Competitions and Silver in one of the categories.
-top 4 in regionals in mathletes </p>

-Piano accompanist for a city choir
-Piano accompanist for a musical theater
-Piano Accompanist for local church
-Accompanist for a local high school's musical theater
-Private piano teacher</p>

<p>Accepted SCEA to Stanford
Waiting to hear from: harvard, yale, princeton</p>

<p>Well in my opinion.... you could have posted this in one location.</p>

<p>yah...what do you think though?

<p>Well... if you're not accepted, I'd be baffled as to who they are accepting.</p>

<p>i think u'll get in, cuz of ur international awards</p>

<p>You haven't gotten a likely letter from anyone? Did you send a recording?</p>

<p>consolation...yess i sent in an recording. it baffled me when i called the admission office today and they were like: yes we have your tape but we don't send in all the tapes to the music dept (because i had previously asked the faculty if he had received my cd and he said he hasn't).</p>

<p>what do you think of them not sending in my cd to be evaluated? </p>

<p>and likeley letter for me =( it's prolli too late to get one anyways. my other piano friend got a likely a few weeks ago from yale though.</p>

<p>I suggest that you send another recording directly to the appropriate professor in the music department by express courier, accompanied by a brief letter stating why you want to go to Yale, and a brief resume listing your competition results. If you have won national competitions and have a recording that confirms that level of accomplishment, they should go to bat for you. </p>

<p>Why wasn't it sent on? Probably because admissions offices seem to employ a lot of recent grads who may or may not know their ass from their elbow, so to speak. The way I look at it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.</p>

<p>yah i was thinking about sending a cd directly to the music department, but then are they not allowed to do anything unless the admissions officer directly requests for the cd to be heard? the yale person told me that it depends on the admissions officer if he/she feels the need for further evaluation on the tape.</p>

<p>i was thinking maybe they already saw all my awards and recommendation from my piano teacher (my other two teachers also mentioned my piano), so they saw no need for the cd evaluation? </p>

<p>i dunno at this point...i think i'll email the faculty to see if it's possible for me to send a cd directly to him.</p>

<p>During an on-campus interview with a music program chair at an Ivy (not Yale) this year my son learned that music supplements -- even supplements that might be extraordinary -- are not sent to the appropriate faculty for review if the rest of the application doesn't meet the academic threshold. The music faculty just doesn't have time to review CDs of students deemed inadmissible on academic grounds. Perpetual, your grades and scores certainly seem to be well within range for Yale, but it's something to think about. Anyway, with an admit to Stanford in your pocket, I wouldn't sweat it. </p>

<p>I also would not send a CD directly to the music department. Yale Admissions frowns on that, and I don't think it will help your case.</p>

<p>P.S. Just noticed your NFAA youngarts award. Very impressive. Congrats!</p>

<p>wjb: yah when i called yale this morning the lady was like they'll forward to the music dept if it's a strong applicant. but then i called again later and a differnt person said that it's not based on the quality of the candidate and that it all depends on the admissions officer. </p>

<p>i'm just really confused right now, esp since my grades/scores are within the range and i have other ecs besides music. and my yale interview was definitely the best one i've had..the interviewer later told me she wrote an amazing rec for me and even offered me a business internship.</p>

<p>thx for your advice...yah i dont think ill send the cd directly to the music dept. i just emailed the guy (who told me to talk to admissions office after he replied that he still hasn't received my cd) and told that the admission office doesn't forward all tapes and that i really still wish he could hear my cd b/c i want to study wit him.</p>

<p>Congrats on your SCEA to Stnfrd. With that, you're obviously a viable candidate for Y but no one can really chance you other than to confirm to you what you already know -- you're viable. All this asking for opinions is really a search for confirmation and encouragement, no? Intuitively, I think you know that no one can really say anything concrete.</p>

<p>I know it's hard to relax and stay calm but try to enjoy your final months as a senior, study hard for the AP exams and take as many as you feel ready for. Regardless if Y sends you the thick envelope, it seems you'll be at a wonderful institution in September.</p>

<p>Final bit of advice? Stay away from CC -- for you it's only a worry room.</p>

<p>Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>omg yay. my regional officer just contacted me regarding my email about the music supplement, and he said that they DID send it for evaluation and it earned high distinctions, so the admissions committee, including him, will definitely consider it along with the rest of the application.</p>

<p>im so happy everything was settled</p>

<p>perpetualmotion I have a strong feeling you're getting in :D</p>

<p>i just wish my stats were as strong as yours :(</p>

<p>quag_mire-i really hope everything turns out well. are you applying to yale?</p>


<p>I second one of previous posters: you are seeking an ego massage. You may want to call Dr. Freud. </p>

<p>Since you asked, I would say, you may be one of 25,000 applicants who may be rejected.</p>

<p>it looks tough.</p>

<p>I have to agree with emachines about the! I haven't even thought about emachines for such a long time. HA!...emachines.</p>

<p>Anyhow, you've got a good chance. I agree with the international award things. However, chance threads on HYP are always so frivolous...everything is so arbitrary...hence the massage theory.</p>

<p>Also, T26E4...I like you. You seem so...maternal, sympathetic and well educated yet down to earth, realistic and critical, all at the same time.</p>